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US pauses J&J vaccine due to BLOOD CLOTS
No, I would like specific statistics of how many people that this happened to. Not a couple hospital errors because most institutions were...
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
Sorry in this has been posted before (too many catch-up pages to read them all!) but it's a brilliant article by Sarah Vine...
Lolo Jones, 38, opens up about difficulty dating: ‘You give up hope’
Giving head could maybe get a pass but ANAL!? She must be of a certain faith because lordt! Lol agreed these type of “virgins” confuse tf out of...
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TOYOTA ForEver youtube channel discussion thread part VII
Yeah but I got the vibe it was semi-scripted and never thought she would get this bad. But I guess she's literally just being herself and doesn't...
Can we get some tea on Russell Simmons/All Def Digital?
billy married? where have i been? i havent seen him since his lorde parody. im disappointed to hear about D'lai cause i think he is funny. fyi he...
Gold Digger Astrology
I have three planets in Capricorn and three in the 8th house including Venus. Guess I´m about that Gold digging life lol
Ayy do British people have to bow to their “royals”?
LMAO! Don't Asians do that anyway? Still LMAO! They’re weird for doing that too lol but at least both sides have to do it too. Groans? I...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
His ultimate thirst trap post! Given this mess and how much time has passed he should give us a new one. As an apology.
How do you lose hips?
I have no choice when at the gym. Everyone has to wear them. 0.70. 31/43.5 I'll try this! I never do just cardio days bc I thought it doesn't...
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