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America in the Biden-Harris Era Tarot Tea Thread III
The aftermath of Auntie vs. Taylor Green. And Marjorie's response
Sharon Osbourne is on Bill Maher on Friday
I've been watching Bill Maher since the 90s. I stopped about 2 years ago. The racism became too overt.
Aja Narie (@ajanarie) Youtuber and IG Influencer Official Thread
I thought someone mentioned her sister being around 16. It makes me feel better that she was only 12 and sharing a room with Harper. I like that...
IamJustAiri, King and Nique, Carmen & Corey
Has anyone seen that Kianna is in some beef with some lesbian girl. Kianna claims the girl stole from her.
Dababy makes fun of a flight attendant, claiming she needs to comb her hair
this reminds me of when young thug called some airline workers peasants and roaches. same level of trash. edit: also i hate that this tweet is...
Dana Alexia Discussion Thread
I just feel like she’s just getting started but is already holding herself back and working against herself. People are still just now newly...
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Michele Morrone: The Mafia Thirst Thread
Blanka is shady af, she's just posted she's selling stuff she doesn't need and guess who's Kimono is on the list.
Remember When Nicki Gave Us Theatre and Drama?
am i the only one whos glad she got rid of the blond hair
BREAKING: A new bill proposed in the Minnesota would make anyone convicted of a crime at a...
Do these assholes realize they need the students more than the students need them? There are 49 other states full of universities. Not to mention...
Black Women Defend Others The Same Way They Want To Be Defended?
So true. We try to "pay it forward", but it's like the universe hasn't noticed/isn't keeping count of all the positive karma we've amassed. I...
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