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Robert De Niro's lawyer: He's running low on cash due to cost of divorce & it forces him to take...
This is disgusting. That font lives to put down women. It's disgusting. He probably replays videos like this over and over again for kicks
Mark Lamont Hill questions BLM founder who has become a multimillionaire
Y’all haven’t heard BLM is a complete sham? The money they raised went to TRANS organizations to benefit TRANSGENDERS. People thought they were...
Why Didn't You Cancel Doja Cat?
I definitely cancelled her; then somewhat forgave her. I redownloaded her music back on my phone, and I’’Ll give her another chance music wise. I...
OJ Was So Hot
lol this is the OJ I remember and I remember him with his first wife and commercials. He was ok back in the day.. His first wife gives me...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
and so it begins. Buckle up y'all Someone in the media world must read this board :joy: :ROFLMAO: Let the public dragging begin :ROFLMAO:
US pauses J&J vaccine due to BLOOD CLOTS
I thought u we’re done honey? And me as well as 2 other fonts already posted articles of ppl confirming that ppl reported those who died of other...
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Michele Morrone: The Mafia Thirst Thread
This is what happens when you are a legit singer. Your fans crash the streaming platform. I wonder how many losers paid for his streaming pile of...
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