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Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie Enjoy a Night Out
Those pics smell like decade old sour cream and STDs ... :laugh2:laugh2:laugh2:laugh2
Twitter says Chicago Mayor is having an affair on her wife and considering resignation
This can’t be wow... even when the trash dick isn’t yours it still taking women down. lmfaooo you hate to see it
Why are upperclass Caribbeans/West Indians usually mixed or non-black
Why are Venezuelans heading to Trinidad for Their economy is rubbish at the moment and US government will not let them sell their own oil. They...
Smash or Pass: Kr1s Wu
I had the biggest crush on him as a child. He was my bias. I would still smash, but I would regret it
Tight protective style and itchy scalp
Get a bottle of professional Sea Breeze, pour some ina spray bottle and spray your scalp. That cooling sensation should calm down. I usually use...
Prince Phillip funeral watch thread
Are these choir members wearing mics? I can't see any but just curious. Their voices sound really amplified. Don't laugh, it might sound like a...
Lolo Jones, 38, opens up about difficulty dating: ‘You give up hope’
These women are apparently devout Christians. You seriously think they’re going to give up or go against their religion? Would you expect this...
Tinashe Appreciation/TEA Thread!
I'm Every Woman (From "Black History Always / Music For the Movement Vol. 2") I heard Tinashe’s cover on Spotify last month not realizing there...
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