Lipstick Alley Rules - Revised June 18, 2018

About Lipstick Alley This site is an offshoot of, the personal website of former Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George, who is now retired from the NFL. On the message board at, ladies gathered and dished on celebs, athletes and their encounters with them. To get a feel for how the gossip flowed at that time check out the LSA Classic Posts forum. Eventually, things got too hot to handle on the board and Eddie asked that the forum be disassociated from his website. Janitor, who managed, moved the forum to a domain that he owned named That's when Lipstick Alley was born. Some notes from Janitor: "People always ask how the name came about. Back around 1999, on we had a IP Chat program called HearMe Chat. Alot of the members used to hang out in the chat room each night listening to everyone talk. We had a few female members who would come in the chat room taking over the mic and start talking. I knew then we needed a forum just for the females to chill and post. I came up with the name on the fly, not thinking it would catch on. When I started Eddie's site, the message board was really for fans who wanted to talk about Eddie and his career, sports talk, Ohio State Buckeyes and the Titans. Little did I know that it would turn into a forum with 95% females taking it over, lol. It was almost like a science drama project. I concluded that if you put 100 females in a room, they would eventually have a cat fight sooner or later! If you put 100 men into a room (as long as there is no alcohol) they would get along and find something to do such as flipping quarters against the wall or playing cards. Lol. The move to I had to move the forum off Eddie's site. It was getting out of hand with all the drama on the site... I would get players hitting me up complaining about certain posts. Issues would get back to Eddie, and he didn't have time to mess with it. Once we went live with the new domain name and forum - it just kept growing and the drama never stopped. Lol. The Current Lipstick Alley In 2006 Janitor decided to move on and sell the board, giving all monies to a worthy charity, (who said there are no good men left in the world?). The board was purchased by one of the forum members, Curious Too, who now goes by the name “The Admin.” Angry, narrow minded members who want the forum operated their way will occasionally state that the Admin must be a white woman, white male, or no longer the owner of LSA, all of which is not true. The Admin is an African American woman who, despite many challenges over the past 7 years, still owns Lipstick Alley. Some pretty ugly things happened on the forum between 2004 and 2006, including the exposure of the true identities of some of the forum members. People understandably became gun shy when it came to gossiping because being exposed could hurt the “insiders” careers. When the forum changed hands The Admin felt that while the members may be reluctant to gossip, there were plenty of other topics they could freely discuss and expanded the board with new forums. The result is today's very active Lipstick Alley, which averages about 10,000 posts and 35,000 unique visitors per day. The Community Lipstick Alley members are predominantly African American females, but all races and genders are welcome to join. We allow profanity (just not in thread titles). We have heated discussions about volatile topics such as unwed mothers, interracial dating, obesity and colorism. We sometimes post gruesome news stories about abused children and violent adults. If you can’t stomach these types of topics, don’t join Lipstick Alley. If you can’t tolerate opposing viewpoints, or can’t debate without resorting to personal insults, do us a favor and don't register for the site. Advice for Newbies If you are new, lurk before posting so you can get a feel for each forum and what is and is not acceptable there. If you have questions check out the Member Questions Forum. If your question is not answered there, post it and wait for responses. New members need 25 posts before they can create new topics, use the reputation system or PM other board members. Your Lipstick Alley Profile You are allowed one account. It's your responsibility to safeguard that account. If your boyfriend/girlfriend uses your account for forum fuckery, that's your problem, not ours. If you forget your password, use the "Forgot Your Password" link. If you no longer have access to the email account listed in your profile, create a new account. We won't update email addresses, there is no way for us to verify your identity. Don't share any personally identifiable information on these forums. We suggest that you don't use the same username on this forum that you use on other forums or websites. Usernames and user titles should not include profanity, not be sexually suggestive or provocative, and not be racist or otherwise offensive. Signatures, profile pictures and avatars should be work safe. No nudity, no partial nudity, no racist images or messages and no provocative images. If you violate these rules we will remove your signature or avatar without notice. General Rules No backseat moderating -- don't try to tell other members what they can and cannot post. Don't tell us who should or shouldn't be banned. Don't tell us who should or shouldn't be allowed to join or post on LSA. If you see behavior that violates the forum rules report it instead of taking matters into your own hands. Don't whine and complain to us about "trolls." From past experience we know that "troll" usually means someone who disagrees with you philosophically or on certain topics. Disagreeing with you is not against the rules. If the "troll" is actually breaking a rule, report them. Otherwise place that member on your ignore list. Bullying and harassing other members of the forum is not allowed. This includes following a forum member that you hate from thread to thread serial groaning them, attacking them with personal insults and/or threats of bodily harm, posting offensive visitor messages on their profile and sending offensive conversations. If you use the rating system to harass other board members your access to the system will be removed. Engaging in an organized collaboration with other members to harass a certain member, disrupt certain topics or interrupt the flow of normal discussion is not allowed. If you really can't stomach a board member add them to your ignore list. If you don’t want to receive conversations from a particular board member you can block them using these instructions: You can also make your profile private so that only people on your friends list can leave visitor messages. To make your profile private go to your account and select the Privacy option. You can modify the privacy settings there. Don't create threads announcing that you are leaving. Just leave. Don't ask us to delete your account or posts. We won't. That would make it too easy for you to return as a different user. Don't create threads to discuss the banning of a particular member. Constructive criticism is welcome and should be posted in the Member's Questions forum. Personal attacks against a moderator or administrator via forum posts, PMs, visitor messages or reputation comments because you don't like the forum rules and/or don't like how the forum is moderated will result in an immediate, permanent ban. If you have an issue with a moderator discuss it privately with them. If you can't resolve your conflict with the moderator use the forum's contact form to send an email to the administrator. Posting Rules (forum posts, blog posts, PMs, visitor messages and reputation comments) Think before you post. You have 24 hours to edit your post if you change your mind after posting. We won't edit a post for you once 24 hours has passed. Don't post on behalf of banned members. Don't create the same thread in different forums (cross posting). Don't use misleading titles when creating new topics. Don't use profanity in thread titles, even if it's censored. If we feel the title is misleading a moderator or administrator will change the title so that it accurately reflects the topic being discussed. All posts must be in English. Search before you post. If your subject is already posted, contribute to the existing thread instead of creating a new thread. Don't post advertising, promotional / referral codes and URLs, or discount codes. Don't create posts advertising your services or merchandise. You may post a link to your website in your signature and forum profile, but the link must not include any referral codes. Don't post words or URLs that are censored by adding spaces, dots, or substituting characters, or by any other means in an attempt to defeat any censors put in place by Lipstick Alley. Derogatory threads created to disparage Lipstick Alley, the forum rules or the moderating will be closed without comment. If you continue with these types of posts after we have closed the thread you will be permanently banned from the forum. If you have an issue with the website you can respectfully discuss it in the Member's Questions forum. Contain all forum beef, stan wars and skull draggery in the Back Alley forum. Don't re-post confessions on the main forum. If the confessor wanted feedback they would have posted there themselves. Don't post x-rated or racist confessions, they will be deleted. Don't post a confession in response to someone else's confession, it will be deleted. Privacy Posting or implying identifying information about board members or their family members is not allowed. This includes photos, name, address, phone number, place of employment, twitter pages, Facebook,etc. This also includes sharing info via PMs, visitor messages, or rep comments. You must have permission to re-post any photo that has been previously posted. Publishing personal information about a third party (someone who is not a Lipstick Alley member) is not allowed. This includes physical addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and government names. Hate Speech If you are a bigot, put your bigotry in your back pocket while posting here. Content that incites hatred or promotes violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity is prohibited. The use of slurs (n i g g a included), graphic images, racist/ethnic stereotypes and inflammatory comments are not allowed. Witch hunt posts or threads asking about the race, religion or sexual orientation of forum members for the sole purpose of harassing or ignoring them are not allowed. Trying to circumvent the "no slurs" rule by using hurtful stereotypes is not allowed. Posting images in an attempt to circumvent the "no slurs" rule is not allowed. For example, posting a picture of a tap dancing racoon in place of the slur "c o o n." Using terms like mulatto, quadroon and octaroon in a pejorative manner is not allowed. Don't copy racist content from other sites and post it here. We know that racists sites exist and are aware of the type of content they post. We don't need any of it reposted here. Sexual Content Sexual content is not allowed on the main forums under any circumstances. We provide two private forums for adult content (XES Club and Celebrity Darkroom) and you must be 18 or older to join these forums. Sexual content is defined as: • Nudity, pornography, sexually gratifying content or photographs. • Close-ups of breasts, buttocks or crotches, bikini pictures, and sheer or see-through clothing or lingerie. • Strategically covered nudity (includes situations in which genitals are blurred out by camera). • Images of men or women posing and/or undressing in a seductive manner. • Erotic stories and/or descriptions of sexual acts. • Sexually explicit jokes. • Advice about improving sexual performance. • Sexual health advice related to pregnancy, childbirth, or family planning. Sexual content in the adult forums that contain images of minors (under the age of 18) or discuss bestiality or pedophilia is not allowed. Additional Prohibited Content • Threads regarding hacking, gambling, illicit drugs, sales of alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, and weapons. • Threads advertising the sale of designer knockoffs. • Threads advertising the sales or distribution of coursework or student essays . • Threads discussing programs that compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails are not allowed on the main forum. If you wish to engage in this type of discussion create a private group. • The discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations. • Threads containing download links to copyrighted material. • Threads or posts advertising other websites or forums. This includes posting images that contain links to other forums or websites. Thread Banning - A moderator or admin will ban you from participating in a discussion for any of the following reasons: • Creating off topic posts for the sole purpose of derailing the thread. • Launching personal attacks against other posters in the thread. • Posting that any of the participants are on your ignore list. • Thanking someone for tagging you. • Creating posts that say nothing more than “subscribed”; or “here”; or something similar. • Telling us that you didn't read the original post. Forum specific rules: Celebrity Discussion Forums - these are not fan forums, they are discussion forums. Some people have very strong feelings when it comes to their favorite celebrity, and can't tolerate any criticism of said celebrity. If this describes you, you will probably save yourself a lot of heartache by posting on your favorite celebs official fan forum instead of Lipstick Alley. Any forum member who continually launches personal attacks in response to criticism of a celebrity will be banned from threads and eventually banned from the forum. Any forum member who creates sensationalistic threads that are meant to rile a certain celebrity's fan base instead of offering civil, constructive criticism and debate, will be banned from threads and eventually banned from the forum. LSA Undercover (The Underground and unPC) – you must have been a member of LSA for at least 30 days and have at least 50 posts before you can participate in these forums. Anonymous Posting is allowed in the following forums: Jane Doe Alley - only post male/female relationship topics here. Anonymous posts should be made only for content that may be too embarrassing to post under your username. It should not be used for general replies to the original post. Family Matters - only create anonymous posts for family related drama that may be too embarrassing to post under your username. Anonymous posting should not be used for general replies to the original post. Mental Health - only create anonymous mental health topics that are personal issues for yourself or family members. Anonymous posting should not be used for general replies to the original post. In the Closet - Only post same sex relationship topics here. Anonymous posts should be made only for content that may be too embarrassing to post under your username. It should not be used for general replies to the original post. Celebrity News and Gossip, Any Info and Almost Famous forums - only create anonymous posts when you have first hand, celebrity related gossip to share. Anonymous posting should not be used for general replies to the original post. Violating the anonymous posting rules will result in your identity being revealed. Moderated Forums - Threads posted in the Jane Doe must be approved before they can be posted. Don't create your thread in an unrelated forum in order to circumvent the approval process. Reporting content that violates the forum rules If you see content that violates the forum rules don't PM, tag or @ a moderator or admin. Instead, report the content. Forum posts, PMs, blog posts and visitor messages have a "report" button that creates posts in a private forum that only moderators and admins have access to. We will review the content and determine if it violates the forum rules. Infractions, Suspensions and Permanent Bans If it is obvious that a new member has joined the forum for the sole purpose of spamming or trolling -- for example their first 5 posts are racist in nature -- they will be banned immediately. For all other members Lipstick Alley uses a point based system to determine whether or not someone should be suspended or banned from the forum. We issue a warning first. If the bad behavior continues we start issuing point based infractions. The offenses and points awarded are as follows: • Continuously posting content that has already been posted - 5 points • Continuously posting topics in the wrong forum - 5 points • Posting a censored word or phrase - 10 points • Profanity in thread title (includes attempts to censor the profanity) - 5 points • Avatar or signature in violation of the forum guidelines - 10 points • Post in violation of the anonymous posting rules - 10 points • Inappropriate advertising / spam - 10 points • Insults and/or threats made to another forum member - 10 points • Hate Speech - 25 • Bullying/Harassment - 25 points • Sexual material posted outside of the XES Club or Celebrity Darkroom - 25 points • Privacy violation I (posting identifying information about non-members) - 25 points • Privacy violation II (posting identifying information about members) - 100 points • Posting prohibited sexual material in the adult forums (pedophila, beastiality) - 100 points • Personal attack on the moderators/admin due to dislike of forum rules/moderating - 100 points Your access to participating on the forum will be suspended based on the following point schedule: 15 points = 2 day ban 25 points = 5 day ban 40 points = 14 day ban 55 points = 1 month ban 70 points = 6 month ban 100 points = permanent ban Returning after being waived - for certain infractions (for example, bans resulting from posting racist content), we will automatically ban your new accounts as soon as you create them or when we find them. For users banned for less serious infractions the new account will be treated as an opportunity for you to make a fresh start on the forums. Any repeat of the behavior that got you banned will result in a permanent ban for your new (and any future) accounts. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Infractions and Suspensions Q. I received a warning for posting profanity in a thread title, but I censored the profanity (f*ck, shIt, etc.) A. Thread titles are what visitors see in Google's search index. Profanity, even censored profanity, in a thread title is not a good look for Lipstick Alley. Q. I received a warning/infraction for violating the anonymous posting rules. The reason I posted anonymously was because I was afraid of the clap back from forum members regarding my post. A. Cowardice is not a valid reason to misuse the anonymous posting function. No one here knows you in real life, you shouldn't be afraid of clap back from strangers. Q. I received a warning/infraction and was banned from a thread for calling someone a fucking slut in retaliation for being called a cunt faced whore. Am I not allowed to defend myself? A. Two (or three or four, etc.) wrongs don't make a right. You and anyone else engaged in name calling received either a warning or infraction and was banned from the thread. We provide a safe place for board members to drag each other, and that place is the Back Alley. Use it. Q. I started a thread, then was banned from it for "abuse" because I dragged someone who was trying to derail the thread. Shouldn't I be able to "defend" my own thread? A. Defend the thread within the forum rules. If someone is clowning in your thread report their posts. If you must drag them, drag them to the Back Alley. Q. I received a "racist hate speech" infraction for calling someone a "***********." Both of us are black so no racial overtones can be inferred from my post. A. We don't know for sure the race or ethnicity of anyone on this forum. Additionally, black board members don't get a pass when it comes to derogatory terms and slurs used against black people. If someone who was perceived to be Asian, Hispanic or white made the same comment you would demand that they be banned. There will be no double standard here. Certain slurs and terms are offensive, and it doesn't matter who says it (at least not on Lipstick Alley). Q. I received a racist hate speech infraction for calling someone a "***********." Bitch is not considered a slur, why was I infracted? A. If you're going to call someone a name you need to leave racial, ethnic and sexual references out of it. If you consider the demographics of this forum, calling someone a "***********" is pretty offensive. So instead of "***********," or "***********," or "***********" or "lesbian bitch" or "Hispanic," just use "bitch." And make sure you are in the Back Alley when you use it. Q. I received an infraction for using a slur against someone in the Back Alley. I thought anything goes in the Back Alley? A. Slurs aren't allowed anywhere on the site -- not in the Back Alley, not in pms, not in groups, not in rep comments, not in visitor messages, not in posts on the forum. Q. I was banned from a thread for abuse but I didn't abuse anybody! A. Someone started a thread and you replied "This bitch is a troll." That's abuse. Q. Someone posted their picture in a "post your picture" thread and I copied the pic in the Back Alley, then dragged them. Why was I warned? A. You need explicit permission to repost the picture from the owner of the photo. Q. I think I know the government name of one of the board members. She says I'm lying and dared me to post it. Isn't that permission to out her? A. No. We are here to gossip about celebrities, not each other. Take this "outing" fetish to some other website. Q. Why can't we post sexually explicit photos anymore? Why can't we post bikini pics? A. You CAN post sexually explicit photos and you CAN post bikini pics. We have forums created especially for those types of pictures and you can post as many as you want. Advertisers consider bikini pics "borderline" nudity and would rather be (family) safe than sorry. So post your pics in either the XES Club group or the Celebrity Darkroom group. Q. What is the big deal about posting stories that have already been posted? A. Google penalizes websites for duplicate content. And it's a lot of work to try to follow the same subject in three different threads. Q. I was warned about my avatar and signature, but it's just a picture of me in a bikini. A. Bikini = partial nudity. There should be no nudity or partial nudity, or lewd poses in avatars and signatures. Q. I was warned for starting a racial "witch hunt." All I did was ask some one if they were white (or Asian, or gay, or Mexican, or male, or American). A. This forum is open to anyone who wants to join, regardless of their race, sex, ethnicity or sexual orientation. It's not your place to "patrol" the forum. If at any time we decide to restrict access, the administrators and moderators will do the patrolling, not the board members. Q. I'm being harassed. Why aren't you doing anything about it? A. You serial groaned, she serial groaned. You dragged her, she dragged you. You sent her nasty rep comments, she sent you nasty rep comments. You can't throw rocks, then hide your hands and complain about being harassed. Q. I was only joking, I don't really know (insert username)'s government name. A. We don't joke about privacy, you shouldn't either. Conclusion These rules are general guidelines and flexible. Don't waste time trying to be clever and circumvent them. This is a large forum that averages 10,000 posts per day. Although the administrators and moderators of LSA will make every attempt to enforce these rules, it is impossible for us to read every post every day. If you see a post that you think requires our attention, click the “report post” button and we will review it.
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