A brief chronology of the 1990s heavyweight division (Boxing Documentary)

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Republicans oust Liz Cheney
in ago The vote was quick because members were eager to move on, representative says From CNN's Manu Raju and Daniella Diaz According to a source...
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Joe Budden: I'll Name This Podcast Later
I’m nowhere near done with this pod yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ian and Parks rob Joe blind. Y’all worried about Karen Civil, but these...
UPDATE Falynn Guobadia proposes to her secret boo? Looks like the video is old.
I hope Falynn gets millions in pain & suffering, defamation, slander, & libel. For what? The most that has been put out is this old ass video...
Chile, Chris Brown Shares How He Wants Y'all to Remember Him
A mess. He should just be take it he’d be remembered for abusive behaviour drugs and self hate and keep it pushing
Silky straight weaves with nappy edges
Some people definitely can't match their leave out to their weave, but if they lay their edges, it looks fine... The trend nowadays is lacefront...
Businesswoman, 46, spared jail after urging her Facebook followers to dress up as KKK
In addition to the KKK, she had "let's stand our ground" in her message. That is very defining. She knew exactly what she was doing.
RHOA Falynn Releases Official Statement; Confirms She Is Not Officially Divorced Yet!
no an AoA cause of action has been abolished in majority states, including Georgia. But she definitely has a strong argument for adultery if she...
Shadina Smith, 29, shot dead in Harlem for confronting man who groped her
NYC Teen named as shooter - Harlem groping murder They've put out a picture of the boy who did it. I'm shocked he's barely 18yrs old, yet he's...
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