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Are you guys tipping at self service places?
We wouldn't have this silly American tipping culture if these greedy corporations paid people much more. i agree. i usually cook at home but...
Montana Will Stop Extra Unemployment Benefits So Workers Can Return To Work
Montana will not incentivize enough people to return to work. You should never be able to make more on unemployment than you can working a full...
Would you smash Charlie Hunnam?
God yes. 1000 times yes, in a heart beat. He’d just have to smile at me and I’d be done. He’s glorious.
Wealthy Restaurant Owners crying they can't find workers... oppose min wage increase and hate...
Right. Boo fucking hoo. I know a business owner who got PPP/EIDL loans, and pocketed all the money to buy cars, clothes, jewelry, and vacations...
Miami Tea Ch 4 2021
Tonka foot look so long in her last photo omg Y’all so petty, gatdamnnnn lolololol
Trevor Noah Girlfriend?
Also the racist becky Minka is liking all of Trevors ig posts now. Lol. Probably because it's about relationships! She is manipulative. I hope...
Broke boy summer? Chet hanks begging the gworls for money!
Im not sure what going on with him. He posted this on his IG Stories. He probably got cut off.
Boyz In The Hood Lacked Character Developed
I would have fucked Laurence Fishburne’s character.
Ika Wong urges women to invest in themselves after investing in IR for 3+ years with nothing to show
She used to post them and said she would stop posting him because he doesn’t like being on the YouTube vids but from the few videos he was in he...
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