UPDATE Another round: I've got more Hello Fresh codes if you want them

This is a stick up
Apr 6, 2013
179,000 3,439 1,966
I think you have to be a brand new user for these to work.

Edit: 1 code left for 9 free meals + free shipping.
Edit: 1 codes for 1 free box.

I don't get any perks for these two (above).

$70 off an order. Click here for it.
I get something for this but idk what.

Update: At this time, all free meal codes are gone. If they go unclaimed, I will update this post. For now, just use the $70 off link if you want it.

If you want one of the free meal codes:
Reply to this thread and tell me which one you want. DO NOT PM ME, I will contact you privately.

Why am I giving these away if I don't get much (if anything) out of it? I really like HelloFresh and I know they can be expensive for some people. Dassit.
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