Any funny or crazy stories about your family or friend 's desperation to set you up?

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Nov 19, 2013
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I get a call from an ex and I'm thinking umm...why is he on my phone after a year because he's not the type to admit anything he's done wrong. Well come to find out, my mom never deleted his number and she called him trying to get us back together because she's convinced he's the one (what a coincidence he's my most financially successful ex) :cautious:. I told him my mom called the wrong number because his name is common and hung up :giggle:.

Any thirsty wingperson stories involving family or friends?
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Sep 20, 2014
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I had a friend who kept trying to set me up with her boyfriend's identical twin brother. Like...her boyfriend WAS not attractive AT ALL. And he wasn't shit. I don't know what made her think I would want his brother. She would literally invited me to hang out with them all the time. I had to start openly flirting with the waiter.

The same friend also tried to set me up with a guy from high school off some, "Do you remember such-and such from ninth grade? He asked if I could give him your number?" Ninth grade? I went to that school school for one year OVER TEN YEARS AZGO and had no idea this guy existed. Anyway, I told her I wasn't interested because I was about to move to NYC and didn't want random men having my number.

TELL ME WHY this girl still gave him my number. I had to let him down AND had to drag her ass. That was two years ago and I haven't spoken to her since. She'll still try to text on DM me and I'll ignore. She even gave my number to that fucking scam Priamerica

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