Any good news you'd like to share?

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May 22, 2020
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Hey folks. This is my first post on LSA. I know our spirits have been down due to the general state of the world right now but I wanted to see if anyone had any positive vibes to share.

Pre covid, I was in the process of admissions for school. My entrance exam was scheduled in March. I had paid for everything from the cost of the exam, my prep materials and transcripts. I had all the recommendations and was practicing for my interview. I was so ready, then BOOM. Everything was in limbo. I was so excited about this next step in my life because it's what I need to get out of a toxic situation with my family. I thought I'd have to wait an entire year for admissions but I got an email today saying I could take the exam in July. I was so depressed this week because my family had been fighting but this made my day! I'm crying tears of joy.
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Jul 24, 2018
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So good to read that! My first good news in 2020 is: I FINALLY understood that i need help mentally and i asked for help. It means a lot to me, and i'll be starting goin' to a new therapist next month.

That's a good step (for me.)

This year been rough, i lost 2 loved ones to COVID. I'm up in flames, inside.
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Jan 6, 2018
Good news for 2020 I bought a house and I was accepted in to my program choice and I graduate in 2022! I'm so excited for my future prospects.

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