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Regè-Jean Page Appreciation/ Tea Thread
Seems they have some weird, co-dependent relationship. Clearly, he wants her on these sets. Unfortunately, I think it's negatively impacted his...
Birkin Bags & Baby Mommas Are Ruining The BlK Community (IAmEloho)
Did you guys see what Asian Da Brat said about Jayda Cheaves? She said something like she is choosing her childs father carefully, because Jayda...
Angela Nissel's "The Broke Diaries" Turned 20 Years Old Last Month
If ever there was a book that reflected my real life (I was a broke college student working for pesos in retail hell) when it came out, it was...
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Secrets you know because of your occupation
Bleach is corrosive to metal. how does that make sense? Lmaooooo omg
Lady Dimitrescu Appreciation/Worship Thread
Most male gamer think anything that is female in games is sexy. Ive seen the fetish jokes on her, they are funny but juvenile, But i think her...
Data Show Majority of Trump’s 2020 Support Came From Women and POC
Highlighting this for emphasis That it’s incorrect makes it doubly funny.
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Joe Budden: I'll Name This Podcast Later
Something about Ian rubs me the wrong way. I’m nowhere near done with this pod yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ian and Parks rob Joe blind...
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