Brenda Richie dropping some tea on MJ's lovelife

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What is Kevin Samuels on? Who listens to this dating "advice"?
It’s not he said she said. He has said before he was evicted, car repo, Lost two of his jobs, divorced. again I do not take advice from men who...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
OMG - Sandbach!! See you in the pub! Yes! Next time I pop to Waitrose I’ll wave to you
Tamron Hall Dont Want Black Professionals On Her Show!
I read an article on her where she said she wanted to marry a BM but couldn't find one. I have watched her show a few times and she has had blacks...
Is Peanut a cute middle name for a baby?
It doesn't even matter, to be honest. I have 2 middle names, including a compound second. Most of the time I don't even list my middle name on...
The Challenge Season 36 Double Agents (no spoilers)
I was upset how people came for Amber B’s gameplay. Like another poster said, she played a “Big Brother” game on “The Challenge” and that’s why...
DMX & THE POUND : TEA on beloved rapper many side chicks, 9 bms & 17 kids.
off-topic but we talk about it here for obvious reasons, I got my second covid vaccine shot. And I am literally expiriencing the same side effects...
I finally resigned!
Too much, “I started to cry.” Grow up. You’re a professional. Stop shedding tears for normal shit
Posting kids on social media?
Discernment and discretion are key, along with moderation. Everyone thinks their child is the cutest and smartest - don't be that parent. Don't...
Do men ever stop looking for the next best thing??
But married men are still out there trying to date/cheat on their wives. Low value men cheat on their wives.
Cashier Arrested After Hitting Disruptive Customer With A Full Wine Bottle
Im really just shocked that this dude took two wine bottle smacks to the head - second smack breaking the bottle (so glass and wine all upside his...
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