Brenda Richie dropping some tea on MJ's lovelife


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Tampa Bay Lightning Makes NHL History by Starting an All-Black Forward Line
Crazy because somebody told me in another thread that Tampa (where I live) is racist. The funniest shit ever now that I came to this post and...
What is Kevin Samuels on? Who listens to this dating "advice"?
Sad day when Tommy Sotomayor is making more sense than any of these men in the manosphere.
People Hoarding Gasoline in Plastic Bags...Why?
If you're putting bags of gas in your trunk or just fear probably deserve what's going to happen to you lol .
New Youtuber Kirah Ominique- Any tea?
I hate how rude she is to ppl in stores. when she was in the RH outlet she just yelled out "how much is this!?" like bitch if you don't learn some...
UPDATE There were at least 11 mass shootings across the US this weekend
Are folks trying to make up for last-year's missed opportunities or something? ELEVEN??? A sixth-grader just tried to shoot up her classroom...
Biden says accept a suitable job or lose unemployment
Good! Some people are bucking the system. I see so many now hiring signs. Even the McDonald’s by me is hiring and pay $14 an hour which is not a...
What is the tea on Shannon Boodram??
Lol as they are sitting on the balcony of the house that Jareds wife paid for...
9ja gist live 2021 (Brand New Tea Thread)
All this praises for glorified runs girls? If only you knew what they do behind closed doors just so they can pepper people. Don’t envy these...
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