where i spit no grass grows ever
Nov 22, 2015
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i used to LOVE this show but once trixies man married that boring woman & the black nurse being racially harassed i had to stop watching it. i want to see trixie win, though

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Noel Clark scandal
‘I may destroy you’ is about this dude Noel Clarke?
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MsNaz2u - Seasoning 40 - She Said I Do! Mr. and Mrs. Chickenman tie the knot on his day off.
Isn’t this Kerina’s dog, Shadow? Naz has had him for a few she fostering dogs now or some shit like that? Poor Sassy looks like a...
Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather Get Into Altercation After Jake Snatch Floyd’s Hat
I can't for the life of me understand why established sports figures, entertainers, etc. give these lame clout chasers the time of day
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America in the Biden-Harris Era Tarot Tea Thread III
@First Thyme Caller thanks for the breakfast of pancakes preciate ya
Man killed black college student in her apartment after 2 dates.
This demon only knew her for 3 days! Showed up to her house with a gun after knowing her for 3 damn days! He needs to rot in prison After he...
Atlanta Tea 2.0: 2021 Edition
Cant believe this is the best Raven can do Raven is a bird. You'll learn everything you need to know if you have a simple convo with some of...
Groom accused of raping wedding guest on morning of Las Vegas nuptials
His wife is a fool. But she probably thinks she can't do any better. I didn’t want to be the first to say it, but if that’s the best she could...
Jon Ossoff Appreciation Thread
Uggggh you right. He would be such a damn fool though if he ever engaged any of these women. They be blowing his shid up immediately. His team...
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