Can we just celebrate great dads?

Mar 21, 2016
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My niece's birthday was on bthe 17th, however she's gonna be balling the whole weekend. She's 7. Split household and all that. Today was her dad's day and he went all out. I was only able to see a little bit, but my mom coined it. Lil bit was coming back from somewhere and rang my line. "Hey Aunty, can we play Among Us?" Prior to us regularly gaming together we agreed not to kill each other as our first kill. I- Anyway, our last game I let her get away with it. BUT she was like "Lemme follow you." I'm like "How, I'mma ghost?!"

Anyway, she had to go cause they were going to do the birthday thing. I saw her Daddy and Me outfit. She raved about getting some LOL OMG Set. Then boom, I get the picture. An Among Us Chocolate Cake with all the characters up there. She called it "My Impostor Cake"

I can't wait for her mom to pick up our presents today or tomorrow. (My mom is sick rn as in she's bedridden) I got her all her favorites. LOL OMG Blacklight Doll, Among US Merch, Pink Hoodie / Pink Jeggings / Butterfly White & Holo Shoes and the one thing she likes the most... Asian Snacks. And I'm dead ass.

The only time I can get the Sanrio Mystery Snack Box is if there is an event and she has successfully gotten into it multiple times. Even when I split our side, she uncontrollably and excitedly still came into my stuff. I save the boxes. It's a good 3-5lbs heavy with all the Asian Snacks + Ramune in there. I know she's gonna face time me!!! Or make me play Among Us again.

But I love that her dad just knew that she's obsessed with Among Us, Lol Omg and Pokemon. Girly is everywhere okay.

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