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Loose Puthy Peasant Presents: The Queen Naija Story
He got dark energy wouldn’t be surprised if his mama into Santeria I think somebody said his momma is into that
Bo Obama has passed away
RIP Bo. And please don't any of you heifers come running in talking about he was a sacrifice for the Illiuminati. :weary_face:
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Yea she is boring right now, but I think she has potential. I think she would get a good following from the video types you listed. Nah, I like...
SWV vs. XSCAPE VERZUZ BATTLE | May 8th, 2021
Swizz on the aftershow talking about Alicia needs to have a rematch of her verzuz because not alot of people got to see it...please on everything...
Toronto /Canada Gossip...
any tea on Toronto YouTuber SannyBeauty?
Mother is charged after daughter, 4, got infested with so many head lice she almost died after...
Better than the FEDs. I knew the LSA Bureau of Investigations would come through! I was just waiting. He probably needed his papers. No way...
Official Aaliyah Jay Thread Part 2
Putting the pieces together, Aaliyah having a asthma attack, mitochondria posts himself being a thotty in his story Idk why Joy is cool with fat...
More than half of Republican voters believe it's wrong to criticize Trump
Welp, they're setting themselves up for a lifetime of disappointment then..
UPDATE Reddit Users Are LEGALLY Gaming The Stock Market...
Robinhood is crashing and my sell didn’t trigger and i know it will do it at a dumbass price instead of right now SAME.
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