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Feb 21, 2018
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Shortanna is back !
The hair :weary_face: She’s looks so beautiful
New Photos of Serena Williams (5/5)
"Work" doesn't necessarily mean somebody sliced up her face. It could be botox or fillers. This vid was from April 27. Does this look like her...
9ja gist live 2021 (Brand New Tea Thread)
Married!!! But cheats on his wife crazy. Dont know if hes a big spender but Ive heard from a few babes that hes well equipped and good in the oda...
Why are Home Prices So HIGH!!!!
This is what I’m trying to get my mate to understand. I understand what he wants but it’s about what we can get
Woman Kills Her Baby Daddy, Who Kicked Down Her Door On His Way To Anger Management Class
You can tell he was a bitch by how he was kicking that door. Looked weak as fuck Probably beating her to make his weak ass feel tough now...
The Handmaid's Tale | Season 4 Discussion Thread
Yes Rita, enjoy yo sushi and Diet Coke girl! Yes...I loved Rita this episode.
Prince was Ugly
I see you woke up and violence. :)
Why are women not sympathetic to REAL trans women's plight
In recent years, we've have the #MeToo movement emerge from revelations of gross abuse of women inevery aspect of their life by powerful men; we...
My former friend has an obsession with children
Wearing clothes with characters/designs from a child's show isn't dressing "childlike."
Lori Harvey finally doing make up Routine on Vogue y'all
Those glued on baby hairs were a bit much. Her skin turned red when she applied certain serums etc, not good... I also dont understand everyone...
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