May 15, 2019
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I'm just saying it was really no need to try to shame her for being the way she was born.I know a few ****** who would gladly wife her but she like Hood boogers.
everytime he gets caught cheating it’s bad body hoes this and that he had 3 young kids and her none she needs to run far far away but she love him and any man hitting her should b in jail she’s so tiny i know she don’t fight back just go sit and powder her face

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Helper German Shepherd and Her Pet Kitten
Anya doesn’t pay rent but happily helps out with daily chores even without being asked, and is a good mom to her cat child. Your bad ass kids...
Brood X cicadas are now at peak emergence. Soon, it will be raining baby cicadas.
Imagine hearing that all day. I can hear them over my TV and air conditioning. Oh hell no! it was super annoying. It definitely does sound like...
Everytime Kim from Moesha was our best friend too
What is with all these Kim > Moesha threads lately?
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PORSHA fans ONLY... are these butt shots, fat transfer or implants in this photo?
That does not look good at all. Y'all mock Kenya's ass but Porsha's is just as bad if not worse. Kenya work just looks bad bc it's hard basement...
Would Y’all Smash “Boomerang” Eddie Murphy ?
Yeah. I'd have a whole nasty ass weekend with him fueled by brown liquor. I'd rather mess with his brother though. I agree! I always found...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
I THINK that Ashli has been counseled to pick her battles. What Keesha does does NOT pay her bills or provide for her child, so she is irrelevant...
Official Gymnastics Thread
This is so cuteeeee I know a lot of people hate the wolf turn but I love it, especially when Simone does it. so many gymnasts wobble or move...
RHOA Falynn exclusive interview: She’s done dating rich
But he bought the house for that very purpose. Allegedly. Buying houses for these shows is pretty common. I’ve never understood that because I...
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