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Aug 13, 2014
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struggling with self hate
Don't ever dare tell me to be proud of where am I from or my ethnicity. You might think this is just some superficial thing going on but it isn't...
YouTuber IamChelsieJanea
I don't understand why she continues to drive drunk. So dangerous and immature. I didn’t see your comment until I posted mines…but Yes, I’m sick...
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Discography Wars (Gen X vs Gen Z/Y): Megan thee Stallion vs. Trina
Trina. Megan’s whole persona comes off copykat when I think about it. Trinas whole verse here is better than that entire weak sugar baby remix...
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UPDATE Welcome to Chiraq: The tales of liars, killas and stealers.
Jr & true gone have a little sister lmao, true bully ass won’t be happy. True gonna be very excited about that lmao Kayla the one that’s not...
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2020-2021 NBA Playoffs: Official Discussion Thread
Booty tew phat KOW.lo in the Waukee? I thought the city looked heavier than last game:sneaky: @TDot_Girl
June 13, 2005
I love that he trends on this day every year. Never forget!
Official Gymnastics Thread
There is something about a perfectly executed half on that just...gets to me. This is divine art. A masterclass in roundoff technique and...
Anyone following the Kwame Brown and Dr Boyce Watkins issue on youtube?
Imma bring this thread back up a year, 2 years, 5 years from now and see what has changed.
Thomas Markle accuses Oprah Winfrey of 'playing Harry and Meghan to build her network' by...
Countdown until 80. I'm curious as to what kind of statement Meghan will issue once he passes. "The Duchess of Sussex is in mourning over the...
Breaking: Netanyahu Out As Israel's Prime Minister
Okay but what will this regime change mean for Palestinians?
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