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Jan 14, 2014
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I'm shocked i've never seen anyone talking/asking about them on here? lol


i like them though and i hope they last. she is 19 and he is like 21 or something, the only thing i wonder is how they pay their bills. they live together and have a house :e6_25: someone asked them how they make money and they didn't wanna talk about it.
Oct 26, 2014
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I know they make most from Advertising on IG. I think Dearra's page had got deleted, I'm not sure how many followers she has now, but when she had 400k+ she charged $40 an hour and ken charged $25 an hour. They were getting like 10-15 people buying their ads in my business group alone, so I'm sure they were making a few hundred to thousand a week. Plus they get sent free stuff. Thats a pretty good bit of money for 19 & 21. Looks like they live with their parents also.

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