DNA Results of Caribbean People

Feb 5, 2018
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Another Trans Freak Out At Popeye's Over "Wrong" Pronoun Usage; Says It's The Same As Using N Word
Reminds me of that “It’s ma’am” guy that went nuts in Gamestop. They all are entitled, aggressive (after all they are MEN) and angry that you...
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Black woman goes on mini rant, says she gonna support Asian nail shops no matter what! “They...
TBH I think if we all had the income to "buy black" this wouldn't even be a conversation. Most of us go to the place that is the cheapest with a...
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Before I Let Go or You Called and Told Me
Hmm this is an interesting matchup. Before I let go will always have me in my auntie feels.
What's so hard about marriage?
Goals! I'm wishing you get all you desire in your relationship, Jas!
Ma'khia Bryant's family tell their story of what happened before the shooting
I would like to know if this child was on an IEP for special education accommodations and if so, what was her diagnosis. I also know this much...
9ja gist live 2021 (Brand New Tea Thread)
A lot for someone who can owe crew members on her productions something as small as 50k and make them chase her and T3d down for their payment...
RHOA We love to see it: Coparenting gone right. Marc sends Kenya flowers for Mother’s Day
With this one gesture, Kenya likely thought about calling off the divorce. With this one gesture, Kenya accomplished her goal. Everyone is...
Why does LSA feature certain threads
I think it’s featured based on how many people respond to it.
This Mom Created an Investment Portfolio for Her 18-Month-Old Daughter. Now She’s on Track to Be...
Same! Especially "regular" people who don't have security. Is mom married? This (plus her own wealth) is going to attract a lot of male leeches...
What is Kevin Samuels on? Who listens to this dating "advice"?
Lmao, y'all are full of shit. Black American men are not marrying Latino women at high numbers, especially not Afro-Latinos classifying themselves...
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