Does anyone experience a heightened level of happiness and then sudden sadness?

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Apr 5, 2017
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Hi everyone, so I thought I would post this here for a bit of background; I'm 24 years old, currently completing my undergrad, and working as a part-time telephone fundraiser. Im also an only child, and I can sadly say I have no friends now, but I'm hoping to meet new people following my relocation to a new city very soon.
Now with that been said for a few years now, I have found myself experiencing a sense of deep-seated sadness.
I cannot even explain where the sadness has come from; as you would say, I'm "privileged" because I have access to education, a job, good health and overall a good living environment. ( well, I'm overweight, so my self-esteem is a bit low in that department)
With that been said, I have a deep sadness that shows up, every week and it is challenging to ignore.
So Yesteday I felt so happy, and I cannot explain the burst of happiness I experienced. Life looked so beautiful, and then suddenly today, I felt "blah" sad and just discouraged as I begin thinking about student loan payments, my upcoming relocation and how much I dislike my current position as a telephone fundraiser.
I cannot even explain how I went from happy to sad in less than 24 hours...
Thanks for reading this and sharing your personal experience...
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Jun 14, 2016
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Thanks for sharing. I feel like that often and have clinical depression. No one would know it looking from the outside. You’re not alone.
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Jan 16, 2014
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I do, but it's been better. I haven't been in a deep slump in over a month. And by deep slump, I just mean I'm not doing things that I would typically describe as "taking care of myself."

I haven't had a blissful moment in a whole either though....everythings' been pretty muted. But I heard that's completely normal. And maybe the ups-and-downs that you're feeling are too. Just make sure you're taking care of yourself - only you know what those things are for you (e.g. reading, taking a walk, watching tv, catching up with family). That always gets me back on track.
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May 16, 2019
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I have (controlled now) hypomania brought on by anesthesia. It's very rare, but it happens. My symptoms were extreme happiness. The most beautiful sense of love and a 'high' I have never had before.
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Feb 25, 2015
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Please speak with a licensed therapist before diagnosing yourself via LSA fonts. Your sudden changes in mood could be the result of anything from the natural sadness of life, to an actual chemical imbalance. We don't know. Seek out a professional.

Life can be hard, especially with the expectations we put on ourselves along with the expectations of friends, family, and society. In the end, the amount of money we make, the type of jobs we have, and how many 'achievements' we have do not matter as they are all of this Earth and we cannot take a single one of them with us when we meet God. I hope you can try to put some things in your life into perspective. But again, don't rely on just our words here.

Good luck and God bless you on your journey.
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Feb 3, 2018
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I cannot even explain where the sadness has come from; as you would say, I'm "privileged" because I have access to education, a job, good health and overall a good living environment
I told myself things like this for YEARS even though I have journals from middle/high school that clearly show bipolar tendencies (like literal mood swings during a "diary" entries idk if that makes sense). This thinking keeps people from getting help. Instead, try and spin that and let your privilege work for you! If you're making good money you'll have better access to mental health services without having to worry about the cost (excuse me if i'm too far in your pockets right now).

Eitherway, you don't need a reason to feel down. Don't negate your own feelings. The reason may not be readily apparent but there's always a thought attached to an emotion.
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Feb 15, 2021
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When you have heightened happiness, are you more productive? Do you take more risks like have more sexual partners, spend money, drink, or even do drugs? Do you sleep less?

If these cycles are persistent you might want to be screened for bipolar. Usually they aren't as brief as one day thou.

Either way I think you should talk to a professional because you're clearly overwhelmed.

If you can't afford it and there are no free programs in your area you can try to read some books on developing coping skills with your anxiety. Especially related to debt, sometimes having a plan can make all the difference.

There are free book sites like pdfdrive and Z library with books on controlling anxiety symptoms, just enter the keywords to browse. Let me know if you need any help finding them.
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Jan 10, 2008
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Yes. It’s depression, I’ve experienced from as far back as a young child. When I had absolutely no cares in the world. A upbringing of no struggle, classified as “spoiled”( I hate that word).

But a sense of deep sadness would come over me for absolutely no reason. When you try to explain it to others they don’t understand. But you are suffering from depression my dear. It’s an every day fight and it’s not easy.

When you think these thoughts try to replace them with what you are grateful for. Blessings and prayers to you. I understand this too well & wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
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Jan 1, 2018
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I would say speak to someone, but whenever I feel inexplicably low, I just try to be observant, and make space to process whatever it is that is coming up. Maybe your circumstance is better than what some people have, but they are not the circumstances that will support your fullest, happiest existence. Your body wants to express how it feels about that, which will naturally lead to some wisdom and problem solving, providing some guidance or trajectory for when you’re up and have the energy to carry it forth. If this is how you feel right now, just hear what it has to say, and be with it until it passes, because it will eventually.

there is a cycle and a rhythm. Sometimes our energy is low for one reason or the other, sometimes it is up for one reason or the other. The best place to be is the observer enduring both states. Making sure you don’t over do it when you’re up, and that you can take care of yourself when you’re down. Some people even see it as you have to compress a spring before it can reach new heights. Or a pendulum’s swing. Don’t put too much stock in either side, just focus on preserving your vehicle through out it all with healthy coping strategies.

get in touch with your inner spirituality, because that’s the only part of you that can really see the big picture without getting bogged down by human stuff. Sometimes all you can do is hug a giant teddy bear and trust the process. Spirit will hold your hand through it.

Your body expresses itself through emotions and feelings, kind of like a toddler. You have to connect with that calm, affirming, wise internal parent that can identify the child’s needs and provide support through the experience. When you’re too happy, this is the one that reels you in a bit so you’re not going off the rails.

don’t sleep on hot tub baths either. Very comforting with symbolic potential that can be applied to whatever you’re trying to accomplish.
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