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Tawny Kitaen, ’80s Music Video Vixen Dead at 59
IS the chick from “cherry pie” alive? That’s top 3 of all time
Willow surprised Jada for Mother’s Day & got Jada’s rock band, Wicked Wisdom back together &...
Aww this is sweet. Willow is so gorgeous and talented, it's unbelievable. Jada really enjoyed this surprise.
Spring 2021 Vent Thread
Went from a 94 to a 75 in this class because my professor thought it was a great idea for the final which counted for 60% to have 180 questions in...
Woman finds out her birth mom is someone who starred on her favorite show as a kid
Oh that's a beautiful story. And I loved Lynne Moody!! I watched old eps of the show on TV One back in the day, and also watched her on General...
Candace Owens called Ma'khia Bryant a "knife-wielding maniac"
She really need to watch how quick she is to have no mercy for others especially children. it come back on u and, if not on her, her child. she...
Michelle Obama speaks on Chauvin, B L M, and fear that police could target her daughters
Funny how folks are quoting Trump's cronies almost word for word :disdain
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Is it hypocritical to expect black men to build for us but also refuse to help them build for us?
Why does a MAN need help from a woman with any of these things? A man can create his own career and build his own credit and wealth, and start...
Why are women not sympathetic to REAL trans women's plight
You're being very vague. A transwoman being grossed out by periods means they're mysogynistic? Like, what?? Lol the fact that that’s all you got...
Destroying Gifted Program for "Equality"
Funny in my majority Black school district the TAG/Specialty classes/schools are used .keep the Black middle class from fleeing to private schools...
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