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RHOA HOT TAKE: Some Black Women Are Happy Porsha Took an Exoticals Man
The fact that we women insist on making this a thing where it doesn't need to be......embarrassing.
‘Jersey Shore’ Family Vacation’ Season 4B Trailer (Premieres Thursday, June 3)
I also stopped watching around the 2nd season of this. Why is this still a thing? It was good for the first season and all to have them reunite...
When men ask what you bring to the table... What does it mean?
When I was dating, I would not ask this type of question. However, I would evaluate what she indeed brought to the table or how she would add to...
RHOA Falynn’s THREE Baby Daddies..WHO ARE THEY?
3x3 and only 30! Wow. There is probably a lot going on with that girl... more than meets the eye. She mentioned having a difficult upbringing...
Chad Ocho Cinco New Fiancee, Sharelle Rosado, Evelyn Lozado 2.0
Looks like chad is getting his real estate license. Taking the test this summer. He will get so much business for her company. sharelle is smart...
Cj so cool
I see. All three are scum, to be honest. They are they all put money before there kid's.
Atlanta Tea 2.0: 2021 Edition
Ruggs finally claimed her y'all SIKE!!!
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