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Pickmeishas setting the bar high. Ladies you need to step it up!
If we're treating the sun as the ascendant, the fourth house from Scorpio is Aquarius which is why Scorpios like freedom in their close...
Update: Michael Johnson CONVICTION thrown out in killing of Phylicia Barnes
I forgot about this story until I came across the True Crime Daily YT clips. I forgot all about the tape of her with the two men and her own...
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
unpopular opinion probably but i dont get bad vibes from doria at all tbh, shes not really in the public eye much. i think the most negative thing...
What does LSA see in middle-aged, wrinkled-face, CHRIS EVANS? He is UGLY in the face!
You like what you like but this man will end up with his own kind regardless. Think piece my ass. Facts are facts. If he was a regular guy he...
If you made an Anime what would it be about?
Guh! I am a writer, and let me tell you; I've had this concept in my head so many times, but I feel like nobody would accept it in anime format...
He “Jokingly” Said He May Need To Hold A Couple Dollars Red flag?
No I think he was being funny, not serious. He needs to step up and ask you out, it seems he wants to by saying you need to get out and have fun...
New York Who These Chicks Be Vol. 24
@Lookahere718 i wonder what undercover lover boy @_lancee__ getting Bobette @louboutin_princess for her birthday today is she gonna pretend he...
BET Presents: The Encore Watch Thread
Just finished watching. I LOVE Nivea and Shamari. They are reality tv gold and can really SANG! Pam is a breath of fresh air. I won’t ever knock...
Kate uses note card to great Dr.Biden
Criticism of Kate's speaking skills is valid, especially in this context. Her early years work is pure fluff, and she should have never been...
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