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Jan 15, 2018
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UPDATE Confirmed: Kobe Bryant, 41, and daughter Gianna, 13, killed in helicopter crash
I'm cackling at a font making a thread about the Kobe assault case, and the thread getting deleted almost instantly lmao.
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UPDATE Erica responds; Erica Mena wants to fight Wendy Williams
Everything I know about Erica is pathetic. No comment on Wendy.
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Does Mz Yellowbone look like Ducky to you??
I'm actually proud that our generation is being harder on unattractive light skins and exoticals. There was a time when we didn't always have this...
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
That's actually worse then, it means she's not giving 1%, she's giving 0%. If she were donating any portion of her proceeds to charity, we'd be...
What is Kevin Samuels on? Who listens to this dating "advice"?
I like how some of the men on here are speaking about grade school girls speaking in "hoe babble" whatever the f*ck that is. I'm glad to keep...
I hate being intuitive, I hate picking up on things and I wish I was ignorant
Aw, same here, it’s tough. I have 12th house stellium and have a hard time as well. Sending positivity your way, protect your peace and do...
the Busta Rhymes sample has been taken out of Hot Hot and the new version is now on all streaming services. I think the label didn't clear the...
Which one of y'all bought Michael Jackson's white glove in AlleyMart?
Whoever bought that glove is not someone who frequents the MJ forum. To add, it's also possible that whoever bought it could have it hidden in...
Prince was Ugly
I beg your pardon! Prince(r.i.p.) was the most beautiful man in the entertainment/MUZIQ industry. Do U need glasses? He had women as well as...
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