Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary” certified platinum in the US

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Mom says she dont want to see us until we are vaccinated!
What is so hard for people to understand that I don't want to put an non fda approved less than a year tested and whipped up vaccine in my body...
Asian Doll says she's choosing her baby daddy based on how many birkins he can buy her
You don’t ever hear girls wishing for a husband nowadays especially the IG girls. All they want is a baby daddy smh
Debbie Allen And Phylicia Rashad Celebrate Mother’s Day With Their Mom
Beautiful family. I wonder how old their mother is. Phylicia is in her 70s so I'm assuming her mother is at minimum late 80s, maybe even early 90s.
Crypto and Stocks
I just read where they want to pass a bill to stop crypto...
Rebecca Silvera is dating Footballer Jerome Boateng
That’s not all she is posting desperately on insta to prove people she is back with Jerome and back in Munich and how she won!! How delusional...
Liv's Life: Living My Best Lie!
Tuna can awfully quiet today :emoji_joy:
Is stalking normal if he is in love with me?
Are you jealous? That’s the only reason why you’re acting like men can’t want to be with one woman forever. Yes they’re invested and committed -...
Toni Braxton and her sons Diezel and Denim posted up on Mothers Day.
Why does the one on the right look like Babyface? Is it just me. I could be tripping because I’m hungry. Beautiful Family. Yes he does look like...
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