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Chicago: Shade......and Shenanigans Spring/Summer 2019
What’s the tea on Suge??? That badgirl chick I remember she got her ass beat back in ‘17 at the old adriannas place.
Dramatic Husky Screams and Whines During Grooming
Never met an non-dramatic Husky. They're hilarious but I don’t think I could handle all the talking. The same goes for Whippets, always howling...
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Buckingham Swirl: The Prince Charles (and Family) Appreciation Thread
What was the goal of the RF being at the summit? Where they meant to help with softening the leaders for trade talks?
'*******' TikTok User Burns Confederate Flag After Discovering Its History
mmm I don't how old this person is but I genuinely don't believe that his family aren't racist. He just wants attention on Tik Tok.
All Nations Worship Assembly (ANWA)
From what I understand he's a very savvy businessman. I doubt if the ministry owns it but why would you as a Pastor want to sell alcohol. I...
Naked Brooklyn mom tosses newborn, 2-year-old out window before jumping herself
The lack of grace and empathic words for this new mother is shocking. but protect black women right?? The bitch tried to kill 2 innocent babies...
What does LSA see in middle-aged, wrinkled-face, CHRIS EVANS? He is UGLY in the face!
If Chris Evans is so hot, why are his stans dissing other men to lift him up? PR bots that’s why
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NSYNC General Discussion- Part 5
I just saw. There are people commenting that Justin is disrespecting his wife. To be honest, I'm shocked he liked and commented on those pics...
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