Gorilla Glue Lady Tessica Brown is Pregnant

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Nov 28, 2013
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First Child W/ Fiancé​

3/27/2021 12:40 AM PT​


Tessica Brown's got more great news on the heels of finding out the masses in her breasts were not cancerous ... SHE'S PREGNANT!!!

Tessica's manager, Gina Rodriguez, tells TMZ ... Tessica and her fiancé, Dewitt Madison, are expecting their first child together. What's more ... they're going to blend their family. She has 5 kids from a previous relationship and he has 4 kids. Yup ... 10 kids together!!!

We're told they've been together for a year now -- and got engaged last June -- but dated many years ago. Btw, he owns his own lawn care and floor cleaning business.


Tessica -- better known to her legion of fans as the Gorilla Glue Woman -- doesn't know how far along she is ... but has an appointment next week for an ultrasound. For now, the proof's in the puddin' ... she's got not one, not two, not three but FOUR positive pregnancy tests. And, yes, the nausea's here ... and it's real.

And, for those who are wondering ... yes, Tessica's hoping the Gorilla Glue incident doesn't affect the baby whatsoever. #CrossingFingers.


We're told she had taken a pregnancy test right before her mommy makeover last month ... and it was negative. As we reported ... things went smooth after Bev Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng worked his magic ... but she got some scary news after the same doc -- working on a boob job -- discovered lumps in her breasts.

Fortunately ... the lumps were not cancerous. Onwards and upwards. Congrats!!!

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Aug 6, 2018
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Wait so she got a boob job after her glue was removed, I'm guessing with the go fund me that was started for her "accident" of getting gorilla glue stuck in her hair. .......yeah, she looks so crazy with those contacts and lashes, it's awful. I don't know why this is real news, hopefully she'll make better decisions in the future regarding her hair or what's left.
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Jan 7, 2013
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Man i was just talking about this with my mom about how some women get a mommy makeover and not even in the time for their surgery to heal they get pregnant. Like you ain't get a chance to enjoy what you paid for. But not my elephants not my circus.

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