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Jan 2, 2019
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All of you calling him king Archie to annoy a certain font who is obsessed with titles is tickling me.


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New Couple Alert? Au'Jays Love ❤️
does she still have a peen or she has a vag?
Black Man wonders why Educated Black women don’t seek out Black husbands in college like White...
Of course they make it sound easy because it benefits them. Yup!....this part though!!!
My Jazzy Life
Why Big Dukes has more food in her house than Jasmine ever will. And that's a lot of ground beef for a month and a half. They sure eat a lot of...
This is the kitchen and bathroom of a $1550 apartment in brooklyn
I thought this was going to be that apartment where the shower was in the kitchen, lol. The bathroom can be redeemed with Fabuloso, bleach and prayer.
Dramatic Husky Screams and Whines During Grooming
Her channels has a couple of different huskies that she grooms and they all behave the same! LOL
Do most BM who leave BW/ W as single mothers actually want children?
Like most white folk, he’s very plain looking to me. However, if they like it, I love it. It ain’t a crime to find a white man attractive if...
The View America Ferrera Felt "Extreme Disappointment" Hearing VP Harris’ Message to Migrants | The View
I still remember her as the fat girl on Gotta Kick It Up, anyway she should shut the fuck up.
The petty egalitarian in me loves the Biden admin. Example #3456 the Covid19 Vaccine vs Trump...
They shut down the country because the hospitals were not able to provide ventilators, space and nurses to treat the overwhelming number of people...
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