Mar 30, 2008
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The Intro forum?!?!?

Thats not how this works....

thats not how any of this works...

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New Hard Rock Casino Indiana “Home of the world famous Jackson 5”
They also unveiled the huge “Home of the world renown Jackson 5” sign that will be placed on major highways, the interstate and local roads...
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Which hair color you find sexy on a man?
Salt and pepper. That seasoned look just gets me excited.
What’s the most pathetic Thing you’ve read/Saw on lipstick alley ?
My screen name on the title by some whoring ass bitch I don't know nor would I want to know her ran through nasty ass.
LSA’s ex biracial boo serving seduction
Im saying that j cole is not put on a pedastal he barely gets called cute I agree with you. I'm simply saying that this is not always the case...
Ghosted. Another trauma in my dating life
Not OP here. Been ghosted too, but my story is different. I met him 6 months ago through a mutual friend. We clicked instantly, the connection...
Trader Joe's is the 1st grocer to drop mask mandate for vaccinated customers
What’s confusing? If you’re vaccinated there’s no need to wear a mask because the vaccines work. They are far more effective than a mask at...
What is the tea on Shannon Boodram??
All three of the enjoy podcast hosts are bummy and toxic too me... Like idk why women are in the comments swooning when these ninjas ain't shit...
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Whitney Pictures IV
1994 "I mean, we had her on a pedestal, all of us. We put her on a pedestal, yes. Yes, what Beyonce said, she is the queen. I mean, she...
Allyiahsface Discussion
Soooooo we not gonna talk about the Fendi sis posted bout 3 hrs ago with the hashtag “thanks baby” :unsure: I hate that style of Fendi bag, it’s...
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POLL: Would you employ someone who lists their religion on their resume?
Me 'hiring' someone that puts their religion on their resume only if I were a pimp catering to Christian pastors, deacons and members of their...
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