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Aug 1, 2016
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You mean the guy having dinner with that racist Tomi chick?


The guy that said that all Aboriginal women are ugly?



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Whitney's Posthumous Chart History
Rolling Stone's Artist 500 The week's most-streamed artists (May 7, 2021 - May 13, 2021) #340 - Whitney Houston, 8.6 million streams in the US.
Why aren't more people calling Joe Biden out about this lie he told black people to get elected
“Based on close, respectful consultation with partners in the civil rights community, the administration made the considered judgment that a...
Are there ANY HOCKEY HEAUXS up on LSA???Are there ANY CUTE players?
AVS WIN! SO DID THE CANES! WOO! G@be got the G0rdie H0we hatty!! WOO! I missed the game though :(
Why are some Black Fathers absent?
Not y’all in here making a black girl only 18 feel like she is doing something wrong because her piece of shit dad told her that he doesn’t need...
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Chris Evans Exchange Thread Part II
Hey ladies, hope you are all good in this shit show of a year so far. I have really being going back and forth about whether to post this or not...
My brother wants to go to college for video game design & not the military, dental hygienist...
I tell him how dope the military is. How he can move out fast & have a career at 18. I tell him about the big bonuses & he don’t want to go. My...
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Joe Budden: I'll Name This Podcast Later
Oh I most certainly did and not afraid to admit it cause I thought and still think he was worth more than the $30M for 3 yrs and loss of ownership...
RHOA Kandi Celebrates her Birthday Last Night w/Shamea, Rasheeda, Toya & More…
I thought y’all said she was married to some rich guy, why does Shamea always look broke?
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