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Gorgeous Black model and her hunk hubby
Beautiful couple. The are both young. Her parents put her in circles where she can marry well off. OP seems bitter sis . We all cant marry...
Twitter is upset with Ciara and Russell for paying woman’s tab @ restaurant and tipping
Sweet gesture, but if I see someone dining at Mr Chow's, I'm gonna assume they have the money to pay for their own bill. :laugh2 The folks on...
Lisa Marie Presley Discussion thread PT X
Lisa is broke, broke not ‘rich people’s’ broke lol Pricilla and her have been selling pretty much everything they can to save face. Lockwood will...
What does it mean when a man keeps asking "Do you need anything?'
It means he's generous and you should start making him feel important by dropping hints about items you need or bills you have. The men who ask...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
Henry could have a normal private relationship if he wanted. Me looking in he doesn't seem to have ever really tried to protect a gf & keep one...
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why do people keep saying marriage is a piece of paper?
It is and it is not natural, nature doesnt care if its married, its time for some fxck. Contracts dont matter -LEG LVM
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MJ's Kids' Paternity Thread Part V
these dudes are not at all ligther than MJ Neither is this woman or this or this one or this guy These conspiracy theorists...
Gabi and Dani Thread
Someone asked Danni to please stop saying “woman” when the correct word is “women” because it irks her nerves: Now the girls are fighting...
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