2020 mothers= Stan Nicki Minaj on lsa all day
Jun 30, 2016
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Hey sis, you have a great September too

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Eudoxie and Ludacris are expecting baby #2!
Aww I have a soft spot for my fellow African sis & would love to just raid her closet. let me speak it into existence in case her font comes back...
Why aren’t white evangelicals being targeted with vaccine propaganda, even tho they are the most...
Did you not read the article (from the AP, a “reputable” source)??? THE MOST RESISTANT ARE WHITE EVANGELICALS. Stop repeating propaganda that is...
Former DeKalb deputy poses as student, sneaks onto Miami high school campus
she wanted a bunch of high school children to follow her on instagram? this is odd as hell
AITA for dunking on my nephew?
No, but get ready for this to be his villain origin story. He’s gonna hit you with the Tomhawk in his airhercs in 5 to 10 on his Thanos it was...
Poor white South Africans
Look GOD DAMMIT .. This "Documentary" Is a FUCKING SLAP IN THE FUCKING FACE! Many South Africans and Africans from other nations have been...
What’s the most pathetic Thing you’ve read/Saw on lipstick alley ?
theres a font who only posts news that makes their fave's peer look bad. but they always post it under the guise of actually caring about said...
A "passable" Transwoman says that straight men dating Transwomen doesn't make them gay
Ah, I found that image. Now repeat infinitum.:LOL: TIMs: Clears throat filled with baloney Make your own spaces, TERF!!!!!!! Women: Okay. Creates...
The Woman in the Window (Netflix Film) Viewing and Discussion Thread
I was looking forward to seeing this in theaters but I would have been mad if a I paid extra for this. I was disappointed. A\
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