May 25, 2008
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I have been reading this forum for awhile now... :pwink:
I figured it's time to start posting!
I'm Ash, 20 year old college student, living in STL.


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Pisces moon vs 12th house moon
I have pisces moon in the 12th house and it’s tiring but I love my placement
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America in the Biden-Harris Era Tarot Tea Thread III
Do the dems on the committee need them to cooperate?
Naked Brooklyn mom tosses newborn, 2-year-old out window before jumping herself
they need to sterilize her and place those children with a family who can adopt them and take care of them. i really don't see how the newborn...
TashaMarie TMR And Her Lowly Flock Of Birds
Bitch. Not Fran talking about Jas having her nails on too long. Those old ass, ancient ass braids. Thee NERVE. These bitches are truly...
Have any of you ladies notice a change in your menstrual cycle after getting the vaccine?
Yep, my period came 10 days early after taking the 2nd shot of Pfizer. My period always comes dead on time. My 2nd period has just started and it...
New Rory & Mal
Can someone tell me why Spotify blows all that friggin MILLIONS on podcasts but are too cheap to give pods their own search category on their app...
My Jazzy Life
Her kids are truly a reflection of her. They all look stressed and depressed & dunno why. Her excuse is that they’re at home and they can look how...
Having a horrible skin flare up.
I thought an oil cleanser is supposed to be followed up with a mild soap cleanser? If you use an oil cleanser as the only face wash in your...
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PORSHA fans ONLY... are these butt shots, fat transfer or implants in this photo?
And they be swearing up and down she was always cute and her ass is homegrown. Then we see the evidence from the pics before the procedures. Whew...
Brood X cicadas are now at peak emergence. Soon, it will be raining baby cicadas.
I’m in Alabama and heard them for the first time about 2 weeks ago. They were so loud I thought my window was open. I had to turn up the volume on...
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