HGTAWM is the same show as Scandal?

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Jun 20, 2012
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I’m watching Scandal for the first time this holiday season, and the similarities are jumping out. I’m on season 2 of Scandal, please don’t post major spoilers! Does this make sense?

1) Quinn and Wes: both lovable do-gooders, both question their leader (Olivia and Annalise), both have a twist backstory where their lives were saved by the leader and identities changed, both recruited to join the team but don’t know why they were chosen
2) Abby and Connor: so far both seem like the sarcastic funny member of the team. I doubt Abby’s backstory will be very interesting
3) Columbus’s character and Michaela: so far they both seem close to Abby and Connor, they both are intelligent white-collar black characters
4) the Scottish guy who left the group, and Asher: womanizing / playboys, not regularly involved with the team
5) Huck and Frank / Bonnie: all kill in the name of their leader, all worship the group Olivia and Annalise walk on
6) Fitz and Nate: both having an affair with the leader, both are like plot devices instead of developed characters because they both represent the obstacle that Olivia and Annalise have to deal with, i.e. the government and the law. The obstacle goes back and forth between being their helper and their enemy.
7) Mellie and Sam Keating: drive their spouses crazy, have an evil streak, both not in love with their spouses anymore / in loveless marriages

Forgot to add that the first season deals with a criminal case that’s exactly like the Lila Stanguard story. David and Oliver seems similar too.

I’m not sure who compares to Laurel yet, but I’m calling it now, Scandal ends up being the Mellie Grant Show by season 4...


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Nov 2, 2016
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Lol too true. I don’t even understand what Pete did to a runaway hit. Hopefully he never gets a chance to do it again.

The showrunner for How to Get Away with Flopping was a writer for Shonda Rhimes' Scandal.

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