HTGAWM| Episode 6 X 1 "Say Goodbye" 9/26

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Oct 4, 2017
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At 6:17 we get a wonderful sneak peek of next week's episode where Michaela calls Annalise a dumb bitch with Anna taking it of course.

After watching Viola's demeanor on Kimmel i realized that Pete is the only one "confirming" that Annalise will die. Surely the Viola Davis would have been interviewed about how she feels about Anna dying...:whistle:

I could take or leave Michaela in the early seasons but she is unbearable. Pete has toned down the Keating 4's abuse of Anna except for her. I hope she gets killed off.

I guess I'll be back next week.
It's Pete we're talking about. He hasn't written the finale yet. He definitely plans that but he's probably waiting to get the blessing from twitter.
Viola would comment on it only after it actually happened in the present in the show i presume. They're intentionally keeping it ambiguous.
Anna Mae
Dec 4, 2009
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It's Pete we're talking about. He hasn't written the finale yet. He definitely plans that but he's probably waiting to get the blessing from twitter.
Viola would comment on it only after it actually happened in the present in in the show i presume.They're intentionally keeping it ambiguous.

It's sad that it's probably true which goes to show how ignorant this man is. Annalise is probably the only character on the show that no one has wished dead. All the comments I've seen basically say that this better be a joke and that she's faking her death to be happy. I would love to be a fly on the wall to get Viola's reaction to shit.
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Mar 28, 2012
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The phone said "mom" before he picked it up. So she is Vivian. But I find it strange that someone's mom would be sitting in a car outside their sons apartment and watching them thru the window. Wtf! Is she really his mom? Is he REALLY Gabriel?

And who texted Tegan telling her that Annalise is back? The phone said "number withheld". Somebody in this cast of characters is not who they say they are, I swear. There's always been someone feeding info about Annalise to her enemies or the FBI. What if Laurel has always secretly been siding with her family and working for them?....idk.
The only person who wasnt "seen" when Gabriel's mom got the text was Bonnie. Everybody else was accounted for I think. Maybe Nate too? We know it wasnt Gab since he just got off the phone with her. OR how this show has me thinking, it was the white woman from rehab. Nobody who is introduced on the show is insignificant. Everybody plays a part. And that woman was introduced for a reason.

I think Vivian is a Fed along with the white rehab lady. Just as easy as it was for AK to lie about who she was to the rehab, this woman could be lying as well!
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Sep 29, 2012
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Ok confession time I stopped watching last season somewhere towards the end but I was really bored today and decided to catch up to this new season. So were supposed to feel bad that Laurel is gone?:unsure:
Please God let her be dead!

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