HTGAWM| Episode 6 X 6 "Family Sucks" 10/31

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Dec 4, 2009
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Annalise intervenes in Michaela’s relationship with her father and asks for his help in return. Because Nate still doesn’t trust Tegan, he attempts to get in good with someone who was once close to her. After Asher reunites and has an unpleasant conversation with his estranged mother, he shares a meaningful moment with Michaela. Elsewhere, Connor finally learns why he was originally picked

Recap of episode 5
  • We hear the rest of Annalise therapy tapes with Sam. We're essentially treated to a disgusting "sex tape" where Annalise & Sam go at it like wild animals in heat. Not even Viola can make it sound sexy.

  • Frank got beat up by Xavier for talking shit. He took the evidence from Wes's lockbox not Laurel. He does not know where she is.
  • Pete remembered that Asher's story line was never finished from the 2nd season and brings back his mother and sibling. :twitcy
  • Annalise admits to Bonnie that the only reason why she got involved with Sam was because she was afraid to be in a gay relationship and that she should have stayed with Eve and loved her.
  • Tegan's wife doesn't give a shit about her and gets stalked by Nate in the parking garage to get answers about his pops.
  • Without a DNA test Michaela and her sperm donor work together and she gets offered a blank check for her worth but leaves.
  • It ends with Frank living, Annalise's off shore account being drained, and Tegan arriving at Gabriel/Asher's building on behalf of her client. My guess would be that Gabriel or Vivian dies and that Michaela is her client.
The year the mid-season finale is episode 9. I have no clue what the time-line is supposed to be anymore. I just saw a picture of Aja with the twin girls who play Christopher in my feed so I'm sure Karla will be back.

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Jul 5, 2007
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They need to wrap up the Laurel storyline, especially since Karla left the show. I’m sure she’ll make an appearance, but this nonsense doesn’t need to drag out for all 15 episodes. Pete destroyed his own show.

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