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Aug 15, 2014
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LSA and Kim & Kanye
I've seen this same thread posted on here today. I suspect it's the same person with another account standing the Kardashians but trying too make...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Click at y’all own risk lol. Why is she always gasping for air like a damn bubble guppy
Trevor Noah Girlfriend?
If he gets nominated for a Emmy otherwise he's in trouble...and may not get nommed with all the bullshyt for being with this bytch. ViacomCBS will...
Goalie looks good. Nice of him to wear green so I can definitely see him at all times.
UPDATE Passengers help subdue unruly passenger on Delta flight from L.A. to Atlanta
I was I was expecting more exhibits. Lol I would expect any person to react to stranger like she did. I did at first guess that was weird...
Denmark's Christian Eriksen suffered MASSIVE heart attack+cardiac arrest, if wasn't for Kjear's...
That was scary AF. A cardiac arrest at 29... wonder if he had an undetected heart condition? Anyway, glad he seems to be fine. Hope he makes a...
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UPDATE Welcome to Chiraq: The tales of liars, killas and stealers.
Jr & true gone have a little sister lmao, true bully ass won’t be happy.
Lucy Liu posts never before seen pictures of her, Cindy Crawford and Beyoncé for Roberto Cavalli
:love: Love to see a BTS of my fave pics from that Harper’s bazaar 04 shoot That cavalli collection was everything!
Federal Judge throws out lawsuit, by health workers refusing to get vaccinated, against Houston...
@Mz Teaze - I see your point. However I stand by my argument that the government is forcing a narrative. Are there other guidelines to prove an...
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