Joe All The Things Challenge

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Apr 29, 2019
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Some people lost control of the melody or just did too much. The 1st guy in round 1 did some screeching. It just goes to show the range Joe had on this song. This song is a gem.

Keep in mind some artist have a vocal coach right along side of them while learning and recording their songs basically guiding them on their riffs and runs. Not saying Joe did cause I dont know. But some of the singers in this challenge definitely needed someone to 'edit' their vocals lol.
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Aug 20, 2013
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How did I know which part of the song the challenge would start from before entering the thread? LOL!

Its pretty obvious knowing where/when this Joe classic abruptly enters climax mode. None of these were super impressive, but between the options in the video posted, I think the pink shirt dude and the girl singing in her car were the best.

You can clearly tell who actually grew up listening to this song back in 1997, and who recently learned it by the way they are singing it, and also them whispery-voiced people trying sing this song (likely 2000's babies that dont know R&B like us 80s babies, etc do). This ain't a whispery voice song. lol.
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