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The Keanu Reeves Discussion Thread
Do you guys think think while AG may or may not be with K now he has been having it away with other ladies or is he all about work right now? he...
Trevor Noah Girlfriend?
We know the Grammys was sign number 1,002....
I Am Athlete Podcast Official Thread
On the last screenshot!!! Man, I'm praying he's divorced. I know we joke around but him and chef Nancie but this is so disrespectful to his wife...
Guy from tinder refuses to share social media information
So I matched with this guy on tinder. We have some brief small talk before he asks to meet up. I then ask for his Instagram account because...
Giving money to women is sexist
Is wearing a bonnet required before you post dumbass shit on social media? eeksad
9ja gist live 2021 (Brand New Tea Thread)
<|idimoles wen we wan unveil the body na I’m sipping orange juice and patiently waiting too e1 e1
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