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Are Christians meant to live a simple and modest life?
There's nothing wrong with having nice things as long as you don't make acquiring money and material possessions your #1: priority in life. Like...
What is Kevin Samuels on? Who listens to this dating "advice"?
Relationships between two women have the highest rates of domestic violence. You're more of a danger to each other than men. But it also goes...
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Whitney Pictures IV
1992 "She was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. Thank you for giving us your talent, and one of the most beautiful voices I've ever...
What’s the most pathetic Thing you’ve read/Saw on lipstick alley ?
Former font Karey16. Every day she'd make a post that was like "today in class, two random girls were existing happily. Does that mean I'm ugly...
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Ariana Fletcher aka @therealkylesister & Associates Discussion Thread
Does LSA have a dark mode setting ? I hate having bright pages lol I use dark mode lol I have to!
American fonts, does your grocery store look like this?
Where'd that marshmallow fluff come from?! I'm in tears :laugh2
Found you guys a new AMBW youtube family! (MAZELEE) - Thread II
You can just tell by the hair cut and how far back his hairline is, he is a scammer. He looks like he does roids too. Are you going to get...
DMX & THE POUND : TEA on beloved rapper many side chicks, 9 bms & 17 kids.
jungle page got me in tears laughing bro Dmx was funny as fuck! Jungle has so many intimate footage of Dmx. My favorite was when he was dancing...
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