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UPDATE Welcome to Chiraq: The tales of liars, killas and stealers.
She’s so weird lmao She already being weird. I hope they don’t give Tasha a hard time if it is his.
Chloe Bailey new photo shoot!
halle just posted like less than a hour ago yeah she did. i don't mean to sound rude, but is there a point you're trying to make?
What does it mean if someone left you on read....
Don’t take it personally. I’m a horrible texter and deal with horrible texters. I hit my friend up the other day and it took him two days to...
Who is jasmine luv’s man?
Jasmin was gorgeous. Was it confirmed that the wedding venue was the Chateau Elan in Atlanta?
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
I don't understand why her supporters don't question the fact that she has ghosted the entire Ragland family who said nothing to the press. None...
Philly Tea Volume Iii. Motherless Children, Row Home Hoochies, Broke Scammers, And Botched Surgeries
And walley Jr. rip Im fucking cry i just rode pass her she on the corner taking pics she definitely editing her stomach in pics but i do think...
Regè-Jean Page Appreciation/ Tea Thread
I know that's right! :ROFLMAO: Sometimes an emotional /intellectual connection is more powerful than a physical relationship. For many men the...
White boys who grew up with Black neighbors are more likely to become Democrats, study finds
Because conservatism and republicans are all about fear fear fear. Democrats, liberals and certainly leftists are more level-headed
‘Hero’ still missing after trying to save drowning father, toddler swept out by current in Florida
He is probably traumatized. He probably doesn't want the attention. He was swept away with the current. He’s dead.
Men see woman who have sex with them outside of a relationship as desperate
But if you’re sexing him outside of a relationship do you care how he sees you. Clearly you don’t think he’s worthy to make your man and only good...
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