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May 7, 2018
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O’Liar you couldn’t get those parts straight on the girls hair just trifling then you show it like you did something bish please you trifling lazy oaf!
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Mar 14, 2019
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Damn liv really out here sellin herself on only fans smh. Jerrod come get your kids!!
Those kids are going to be so phucked up by her. Imagine when Christians friends discover his MOTHER online, as a sex worker. Her girls will make her a grandmother EARLY. CHildren learn what they live. She uses disgusting language in front of them, talks about sex in nasty, graphic terms, talks about their father and his hoe, drinks straight from the bottle, men sleeping over. Dresses and behaves like a hoe. Keeps them awake all night, drunk on social media screaming, swearing yelling about their father and other various men. She steals, lies, twerks, ignores them, bribes them, threatens them, feeds them fast food garbage. Crowds them all into one bedroom, for her own selfish needs. School and homes are inconsistent and always changing. Access to family is not constant, changing according to her whim, and unstable mind. She is poisoning their minds against their father, because of her mental instability, causing them PERMANENT mental damage. God help those kids, they are SCREWED, living and learning from her!
"Stopping Bags and Cancelling Fools in 2021”
Sep 25, 2018
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These cookies look hard as rocks.

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