Michael and Diana Relationship Horoscope

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Jul 10, 2015
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If you believe in astrology... an accurate depiction.

Sun in the Sixth House
The sixth house is one of the more difficult positions for a composite Sun, because it is inherently a house of inequality. In most relationships there must be some balance between taking and giving. But in a relationship with a sixth-house Sun, one partner gives and the other takes.

The great danger of this position is that one of you is likely to feel taken advantage of by the other

Moon Opposition Neptune
The opposition of composite Moon and Neptune can present many difficulties in a relationship, all stemming from one problem. First, of all Neptune-Moon combinations, this one is most affected by a desire to escape your own problems through a "savior-victim" relationship. Since neither of you will face your real problems directly, nothing is solved. You should try to relate as equals, giving and receiving alike, with neither of you martyring yourself to the other.

A second result of this aspect may be that the two of you have radically different views about the relationship. While one of you idealizes, the other may take advantage and act quite treacherously behind the first one's back.

Venus in the Fifth House
Composite Venus in the fifth house is one of the stronger indications that this will be a relationship of love or, at the very least, friendship.

It denotes a relationship between two people who really enjoy being together and who make each other feel good. You will share a great love of pleasure and doing things together.

The fifth-house Venus is a light-hearted position. Perhaps its only real flaw is that it does not provide the energy needed for a serious day-to-day relationship. If you can overcome this lack of seriousness, a fifth-house Venus guarantees that this will be a pleasant and loving relationship for both of you.

TL;DR The relationship is very one sided, one person would have a different idea of the relationship in their mind, they are better off as friends or lovers and that a serious relationship wouldn't work for them

There are other aspects that said they communicated well about feelings with each other.
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Feb 27, 2019
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When I think one sided I feel like that equates to unrequited love. I don't see that as the case with them, they clearly loved each other but I don't think Diana was willing to risk so much of her career by being open, or more open. I also think that the media has played a big role in pushing the idea that Michael was obsessed with her to an unhealthy degree and people just have rolled with it.

It doesn't help that he put her in his will, because to some people that ain't something you can hand wave as infatuation.

Otherwise I'm pretty down with this assessment.

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