Michael Jackson tea... Yep I'm going there.

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If you don't want to hear any tea about "dead people" or what their genitals were up too, exit stage left.
If you're curious, read below
You know you want too... :arrogant:
All the stuff I’ve heard about him this past year.
Little MJ:
Back in Gary, little Michael shaved off all of Randys eyebrows one night when everyone was sleep. His mother noticed it and was trying to figure out what happened. So when she was trying to get to the bottom of what happened Michael swore he didn't do it and he told her a burgular stolen his eyebrows.

Tito said:
“As far as I’ve always known, my brother had more sex than I did with women,” says Tito. “He definitely wasn’t gay. He was

not a rugged, beer-slinging type of man. Michael wouldn’t beat you up; he would beat you with his brain.”

Michael's code words:
Fish = Hot women
Fishing = scouting hot women

Watch this video, you’ll laugh trust me. He says; “There’s some good fish Back there” and then points at some girls and says “Look at her titties”

Hurting, hurt the sheets - good sex, she was really giving it to him

He should've used the word "pond" in a song too.
Pond = vagina
Pond water = .... you know…

Also.... blowfish. Self explanatory.

Flapping, Back Flap: fucking doggy style

She was on float, or floating: She was on top

Ola Ray:
Ola Ray interview link:

I had some intimate moments with him in his trailer. Let me see how I can say this without, you know, being too… I won’t say that I have seen him in his birthday suit but close enough.
- Ola

It was important for him to be around someone who would make him feel comfortable. It was kissing and puppy-love make-out sessions – and a little more than that. I’ve already told you more than I’ve ever told anyone!
- Ola

I wouldn’t say it was further than he’d ever been with another woman. I don’t think he’s that innocent. (laughs) He’s not that innocent. He definitely knew what he was doing. In his own little way.
- Ola

I think things got pretty sexy between Ola and Michael. Some very sweet kind of physical interaction going on beteen the two of them. I would say not first (base), I would say second base… maybe… third.
- Nancy Griffin

Ryan hung out with Michael in his bedroom, which had a mattress on the floor, toys everywhere and illustrations of Peter Pan on the walls. They talked about music – “I was amazed that Michael didn’t know who U2 was” – and the girls they had crushes on. Jackson revealed how discombobulated he had been by Ola Ray’s sexual allure after a dance rehearsal with her. “He started getting all nervous and stuff,” says Ryan. “He said, ‘She’s adorable, she’s adorable. She’s so hot!” It was just so funny seeing him that way.”

Dieter Wiesner:
And a girlfriend, whom by the way I liked personally very much too, she was prepared to make a statement but she wanted money for that.”

I do not mention the name of the girlfriend on request of Dieter Wiesner. We talked a bit about her and her friendship with Michael and I got the impression that Wiesner and Michael liked her very much, but that the friendship was more on Michael’s side than hers.

His Bodyguards:
Michael Jackson’s former bodyguards — Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard and Mike Garcia — are shopping a book, “In Defense of the King,” about their three years working with the King of Pop. The body men, who were interviewed by ABC in March, will sit down for another chat with the network to air in June, in which they will expound on Jackson’s financial troubles and try to kill rumours that the singer was gay. For one, confirms publicist Lelani Clark, the bodyguards say Jackson had two girlfriends toward the end of his life. One was called “Friend” and spoke with a European accent.

Yes, MJ was very charming, he did flirt from time to time. Sometimes he would ask me to get someone’s number or ask do I think someone is cute. It was so funny to watch dude flirt. I tell women I meet that I have a dog, I would hear MJ tell women he has a Zoo! how do you top someone that has a Zoo?

I will say this; MJ admired the way women styled their hair and the way they dressed. He commented about different women just walking buy. He would ask us what did we think about certain women, he liked talking.

Question: My question is did Michael ever date a girl a lot younger than him? and welcome back!Answer: He did take someone to a movie and dinner, not sure if he would call it dating.

Question: Hey Guys! Did you ever see a lady turn down/ignore/brush off MJ? LOL
Answer: MJ’s Bodyguards Never, if they were able to get close to him it was because they wanted to be.

I fell in love… for him. Because he was an incredible, an incredibly dynamic person. If you were in his vicinity and he wanted to give – and he showed you who he was, and he was willing to do that in any way, meant that… I have never felt so high in my life. I have never felt so high in my life as that. I am not lying when I say that. He had something so intoxicating about him and when he was on, when he was ready to share with you or give it to you, and be himself and allow you to come in. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that intoxicated by anything.
- Lisa Marie

I honestly can tell you that it was in every sense a normal marriage and everything was spoken. In the middle of the night, if he needed to wake up and tell me, bounce something off me, and wake me up and wanna talk… if there was trouble… He was like a little gnome. I used to tell him he was a gnome running around the room because it was hard for him to sleep. A lot of times I couldn’t sleep either if he wasn’t sleeping. I’d just hear him piddling. It was a bit endearing but then I didn’t mind it. But he did have a hard time sleeping, yes.
- Lisa Marie

And I really loved that role and I loved taking care of him. It was the highest point of my life, one of the very highest points of my life. When things were going really well and he and I were united together and he and I had an understanding about some of the people and the things that could go around him and he was with me on those things and we were a unit and I could take care of him. Loved being next to him, taking care of him. I was on such a high from doing that. It was a very profound time of my life.
- Lisa Marie

And I did things that hurt him. I did stupid things too. Danny was still very much part of my life. Michael didn’t quite know what to do with that sometimes. That made him uncomfortable and I understood that. Michael would wonder, “Why are you in Hawaii with Danny?” I’d take a vacation and Danny would go. Michael would get upset and “Where are you?” and he would disappear for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t find him.
- Lisa Marie

We hit rough waters, we would fight, we would argue, three day arguments sometimes, taking a break to eat and sleep. I have to say that I really admire that he really gave it a good shot, you know.
- Lisa Marie

It was like a drug. He was like a drug for me. I felt like I just always wanted to be around him, always wanted to be part of – I felt so high. I’ve never felt like that around another human being, except for one, which was my father.
- Lisa Marie

We again, were going to get back together, we spent four more years after we’d divorced getting back together and breaking up and talking about getting back together and breaking up. And actually afterwards, he and I were still… I was still flying all over the world still with him to follow.
- Lisa Marie

LOL, bitch…

David Gest:
Gest took care of Michael Jackson through a number of Jackson’s plastic surgeries and the special delves into the details of Jackson’s obsession with his appearance, desire to follow in the footsteps of Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy as businessmen, his first sexual experience with a well known older woman at a young age, the terror he went through when his hair caught on fire whilst filming a commercial for Pepsi, the tragedies that followed in later life including Michael’s dependencies on pills as well as his disgust with the rumour mill. The special also looks into his relationships with Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley.

Then we find out MJ lived with Diana Ross when he was 16 for a bit...

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The older woman from the tapes:
The older woman on the tapes is not Diana and he did have sex with her.

The older woman was Black/Asian.

She didn't have any kids.

She already worked where she worked when they met.

That time they almost had sex was in 83. They did have sex a few years
after that.

He didn't have sex during Thriller for about 3 or 4 years. But he did
have sexual encounters (not only with this woman).

She is not a public figure.

It's nobody mentioned here or on anywhere else. Her name and her
details have never been made public.

What I do know is that he liked this specific woman's playfulness, at
first her age, the fact he could talk to her about anything and she
always listened and never judged him for crying. She was also kind of
wild and pretty strong minded, I think he liked that too.

She was older than him and he would brag about that. He would brag
about his sexual encounters with her to his brothers and people he
worked with.

She was 19 when they first met and her initial attraction was with
Johnny Jackson. I'm not sure what happened with Johnny but her and
Michael started talking on the phone.

She made the first move when he was 17, she asked him to come over to
her dad's house. One of his brothers drove him over one morning. I
think it was Jermaine because he was kinda going to Jermaine for advice
on anything about girls or sex at the time.

The first time with this girl I heard she made the first move by asking
him if she could suck him...

He didn't really talk about it at first because he was scared of what
had happened and he and her talked about it and decided to erase that
day from their minds. Well this is what he wanted. He felt that he had
become weak in the moment. But she saw it like AH-HA I got you, you're
mine now.

Michael and the older woman used the pull out method but once had a
pregnancy scare before he was legal (17)

Jermaine and Marlon were the only ones who really knew about it at
first (he was very quiet about it) but the other brothers knew
something was up but just didn't know with who, plus most were moved
out and married, Jermaine included.

She was high maintenance, designer this and that.

MJ would sneak out of the house to be with her under Joseph's nose.
They had a spot in the side gate that they snuck through. There was a
pathway. She would park like down the street and he would sneek pass
the security and get into her car. he bragged to his brothers and other
guys he worked with about this.

They were on and off but they saw other people and had relationships in
that time. Like they always kept in touch but the heaviest stuff was
when he was a Teen.

Joseph slapped Michael in the face over this woman.

He was young and stupid, giving her money and buying her stuff like
leasing her a BMW, putting down security deposits for an upscale condo.

As for the gifts he got her... they were really expensive. Car,
down payment on security for a condo, shopping... like he would give her
like five, six thousand dollars to go shopping. He bought her diamond
earrings, rings. He bought her birds, exotic parrots. I remember
hearing once he gave her money for her to go shopping with her friends
and she shopped for him getting him a watch and a jacket. And he would
give her cash at first, that's what got him in trouble with Joseph
because he saw that Michael had withdrawn like five thousand dollars
from his account and Joseph was asking him what did he do with the

Jermaine told Joseph and Joseph was not happy. He confronted MJ and MJ
lied and Joseph slapped his face telling him that the Jackson's don't
pay for their pussy.

I'm not sure how much Kath knows. Joe knows about this woman, like
said, he slapped Michael in the face over her and she yelled at him
over the phone once. Katherine only talked to this older woman on the
phone, when she was calling the house for Mike. He didn't want to give
any false hopes that he was marrying her or thinking about it because
of course with the JW you're only really supposed to date when you are
ready for marriage. And Michael would cry a lot about this, he was
in conflict with being a JW and wanting to be close to this girl. He
would cry to her about it and say that this was the last time until

He bragged about her and him taking a shower together. he bragged about
her age. He bragged about sex. She was his heart.

(Shower sex) This was right before he left to New York for the Wiz.
They were in a hotel room. She liked played hookie from work/school
whatever to spend all day with him. And they had sex and then she got
up to shower and he said he noticed his dick hadn't gone down yet so he
hopped in the shower too.... and you should know the rest.

They were on again off again until the mid 80s, but most of the sexual
stuff happened during their first years together.

I can't say for sure if she was his first, but they started dating when
he was young, they'd cooled off already before he had their TV show.

She always told him she only wanted one kids and have that child later
in life. Because she liked her freedom. He would tell her his wife is
having babies. They would go back and forth with this.

She did feel like Diana was a threat, Michael made it no secret that he
was with her. Michael was stubborn about it, he made it clear to her
that Diana was a topic he didn’t care to discuss with her. He made it
seem like she was out of her realm of understanding.

MJ changed in the 80s, he didn't have sex and didn't drink anymore,
gave up meat, all of that, he was heavy into his religion, for a few
years at least.

They were lovers up until like early 83. Michael had a talk with this
girl and told her he was not having sex until he married. Michael threw
out all his Porn and playboy. I think this talk happened around
Christmas time the year before. They had a talk and decided they were
just going to be friends. Michael backed off completely and stopped
visiting her place. Until he heard rumours she was seeing some other
guy so he just popped up one night and that’s when the thing happened
when he got her naked and then rushed out.

I know about an episode of him going to see her during the Thriller
time and they were on her sofa and were making out all heavy. He
removed her clothes and sat her in his lap but kept his pants on. She
got all hot and reached for his pants. He got really upset and left and
didn’t talk to her for about a year.

I can't say, I think that's why he said he was glad he didn't have sex
with her, he was talking about that incident.

Michael couldn't really get over the fact that she'd lied to him
back during the Thriller era. He was different then and I hate to say it
but he started hanging with old Hollywood types and he was caught up in
trying to be The Superstar Michael Jackson. They kind of drifted apart
because he was very busy or just didn’t want to deal with her, not sure.
But she started going out with other guys... and I mean she was kind of
wild. And this got back to him and she lied saying that she hadn't been
having sex with other guys.

And something about trying to get his assistant Shari to call the phone
company to get phone records and her bank accounts using her SSN....

They were on and off for a long time and he would go away or be too
busy so maybe she was not clear about the boundaries.

She told Michael she would never go public. But he heard at the time
that she tried or she did talk to a radio station in LA during the
Thriller madness. He asked her about it and she said it wasn’t true and
that she'd just wanted a job there and was talking to the producers
about that.

Frank Dileo was a cockblock.

Michael was paranoid about getting caught having sex in his own hotel

He had sex with the older woman in his Dallas tour stop.

During the bad tour Michael would call Randy to talk about girls,
including the older woman.

He would spend a lot of time with her on the phone after and before the
shows. This upset Frank his manager, because he felt Michael should not
be talking, dating anybody at this time. And he should put all of his
focus into being that superstar. Frank interfered. Michael invited this
girl to 3 shows he had in Dallas. Michael advised his assistants to get
the plane tickets and set her up in the Hotel he was staying in but on
the floor below him. Frank was in Michael's ear about how she was
asking for Money to shop and how she was travelling with a guy on the
plane but he went to a different hotel. All lies.

By this time Michael had dismissed the idea that he would have a
serious relationship with her. But she was a definite thing, as guys
say. Michael had big trust issues and he knew she would not betray him
by going to the press about them.

Michael told Randy that he didn’t want her staying in his room because
of nosy crew members and also he really did not want to have sex with
her and open up old scars. They just hung out in his room after the
show watching movies and cuddling in bed. But she would leave shortly
after the movie. By the third night she wanted to know what was up he
had not really kissed or touched her. So on the third night she took it
upon herself and kissed him the minute she walked into the room. He
grabbed her by the hand and they had a quickie in the bathroom. He said
he did that because Bubbles was in the room (he was in his room about
90% of the time) and because Frank had a key to the room and walked in
all the time without knocking. So he locked them in the bathroom

That was the last time they were together, that I know of.

Mike was hot in the Bad era, he'd invite women back to his hotel rooms
to see this or that or watch movies.

She got married to a 2nd string footballer in 1989/1990

he would say things like "I'm glad I didn't marry her" or "she knew how
I felt about kids." "She knew she had the upper hand, I was like a lost
puppy" things like that.

The Wiz Era:
He was mad about his mother and Janet coming to visit, he felt Latoya
was already there.

He went to NY as a playboy (not really but that’s what he said) He dated
a few girls in NY but Stephanie was hanging in there. She was not the
only girl he invited over. One of his siblings (JANET!) said, he said
"he sucked on some tits in NY" He was like he was 13 at the peek of
puberty times by the things he would do or say.

Michael was friends with a Sharon that worked at Studio 54 back when he
and Latoya were in NY. The girl got brave and gave him a note one night
saying she wanted to go back to his place and he like kinda snuck
her (she was drunk btw) he snuck her in his room like 3 in the morn 4
after the club well she ended up in Latoya's room after roaming down
the hall. She was sitting on Toya's bed saying how cute Michael was.
Latoya was not happy about that one.

She gave him a handjob/blowjob.

And he said she had the roundest tits ever.

Sleeping over at random peoples:
Trying to think of some random other things...

Michael would spend the night at everybodys house and it was funny because when it came to stay he didn't know how to leave. He would come with an over night bag to stay a weekend and end up staying 2 weeks.

Michael would talk to girls he met some fans on the phone and one of these girls asked him out. He accepted and told her he would pick her up for a movie. Well Michael drove over to the girls mothers house to pick her up at like 11 o'clock at night. He had told her he would be there at about 7 or 8 but the girl doesn't mind and they get in his car and go by a movie theater for a midnight movie. But when they got there he didn't want to go in, he said that too many people were out there so that sat in the car the whole time. And when he took her home he asked to spend the night because it was late and he was sleepy. So the girl's mom agreed and he slept on the floor in he living room.

He didn't even really know these people.

I can't remember when exactly this happened though, but obviously late 70s/early 80s sometime.

Off The Wall Era:
Okay... to answer your question, here's a story I heard:

Michael invited a fan he met while promoting Off the wall, to his
Encino condo for a night. He was really attracted to her but he just
planned to get to know her and maybe fool around a little bit. When she
came over they ate a meal his chef packed for him and talked and hung
out. And as the night went on he was hugging up on her and flirting.
And he said he started to think she is so hot (that was his saying back
in the day). He thought she is so hot I have to kiss her and so kissed
her and they made out a bit. It got to heavy petting. And then the girl
just stands up from the couch and pulled her dress down and gets naked.
So he is rubbing all on her butt legs and tits with her standing in
front of him. He said he was thinking "maybe I can just take it out and
tease her, stick the head in kinda thing."

So Michael pulled his pants down and the girl just got so hot, she
plopped down on his cock and sat there, neither one of them moving ...
this went on for about 45 sec or so. Until Michael got up and said "I
cant believe you just did that." So he said he didn't mean to go that
far and he said he didn’t want to be "that guy" Michael told the girl to
get dress and he told her he had something to do early in the morning.
So he called Bill to drive her to catch a flight back to where ever she
was from.

He was a big tease.

And when something did go down sexually he made it seem like he was the
bystander and was lead astray.

But after this happened he didn't cut her off either, they called each
other from time to time.
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Thriller Era:
I know about him visiting the JW temple in the mid 80s. Around
Thriller he was even dating a woman from the Kingdom Hall in which he
attended from home. I say dating because they would study the bible
together, have long telephone convos late into the night and she would
visit him at Hayvenhurst. She was younger like late teens, White. But
it didn't last long, maybe only 4 or 5 months. This was Michael's track
record, he dated a hand full of women but never longer than 3 or 4
months before he stopped calling them. As he did with this girl (I dont
know her name, sorry) This was around the time he would just wander out
into the streets looking for friends and people to talk to. I wish I
knew what was going on with him around this time because I heard that
he would cry a lot...

He did kiss one of his secretaries though, this secretary he had for
like 2 weeks when he blew up with Thriller she came on to help Shari, a
cute little white girl in her late 30s, they kissed and Michael thought
that was bad so he got rid of her and I guess she was in love and she
didn't really want to work.

She turned out to be a stalker, when she was let go she would be
outside of the gates with other fans trying to go through trash.

1986 hot tub story:
OK, I have a funny story from his thriller days about New Years Eve

Michael had this friend Jess from the Kingdom Hall. Jess was younger
than Michael and was around 18 19 yrs. This is 86. Michael and Jess
hung and he let Jess tag along to concerts ect.

New Years Eve 86 Mike is talking to Jess on the phone and Jess invited
Michael to go with him to a party that one of his neighbours were having

Mike, and this is Thriller Mike btw. he went low key disguise t-shirt
baseball cap dark glasses . SO Mike and Bill Bray drive over to Jess's
house in a rolls Royce (he was supposed to be low key) so him and Jess
and Bill drive down the block to the party. When they get there, there
were only 3 girls out in the back of the house (when I say house they
are rich so its like a mansion)

The girls are in the pool. And everyone else from the party are out on
a boat in the middle of the private lake having a party.

So Mike told Jess he would stay for a little while until the crowd
starts coming back in from the lake. One of the girls in the lake, it
is her party and she gets all excited because she knows who Michael is
and she invites them in the pool.

Mike didn’t have shorts so he just sat and watched. As time went on he,
Jess and the three young girls (they where like 17, 18) end up in the
hot tub with Mike wearing a pair of shorts the girl had given him. So
they are all in the hot tub and Mike and the girl whose party it was
are paired off.
And Jess is paired off with one of the other girls and the third girl
is sitting alone. Bill bray was off to a distance.

So Jess and his girl were making out. Mike and his girl were staring in
space, not talking or anything.
Mike said the girl got closer and closer to him until her leg was
pressed up against his. He took this as a sign that she liked him. I
think she was just in shock that this was Michael Jackson. So Mike
became brave and started touching her legs and thighs.

The girl opened up some more so he had his hands all over this girl.
Neither one of them are saying a word. But he is doing stuff to her
under the water. And she let out a moan. When she did this the third
wheel disappeared. So Mike saw this as a sign, like okay My boy is
getting some action, third wheel is gone, it's time to do some serious
finger action. LOL so he is all in this chicks swim bottoms.

Then they hear the fireworks go off because its midnight. Mike hops out
of the tub and goes looking for Bill because he thinks the crowd would
be coming back soon.
So he finds Bill and tells him to get the car ready. He goes back over
to the tub to get Jess and everybody is out of the tub now and they are
all huddled together like they are talking about him. Not only that but
there is another guy there

So Mike motioned to Jess like I'm leaving and starts walking off really
fast. Jess catches him and says, "Dude what did you do to Pam she is
crying and really upset, and her boyfriend is trying to figure out what
Michael ran to his car and him and Bill Bray drove off so fast. They
left Jess there. And the next morning Jess called Michael and said the
boyfriend was looking for him... and he wasn’t mad he just wanted an
autograph and picture. LMAO

Michael Jackson can fondle your girl and you are cool with it. What
happened was the third wheel went to get the boyfriend because she was
hating it wasn't her.

All this went on with the two of them saying one word to each other.

He was very shy, but not as innocent.

LOL @ this...


Bad Era:
Well he told Randy during this time he was just sick and tired of it.
He had been a good boy all this time and a JW only to not have a wife
or someone he could be with.

He was tired the on and off relationship he had with that ex girlfriend.
He said "I'm just going to do what feels good and not think about it,
like I'm hot, she's hot lets play"

And buying Neverland had a lot to do with it too.

I know he would have his bodyguards bring girls up to his hotel who he
thought were cute, to watch movies and show off his monkey or snake. He
would flirt with these girls and maybe kiss one or too of them.

I know his Manager Frank hated this and Bill bray became concerned in
Belgium. Michael met this fan at a meet and greet and thought she had
the prettiest eyes and nicest legs he had ever seen but spoke little
English (this is what he told Randy) The bodyguards took her back to
the hotel in one of the cars and Michael said they held each other all
night. She was crying from being overwhelmed he held her and kissed her
tears away. He said Bill was trying to come in the door to the bedroom
but Michael would not let him in so Bill got frank and it was a big
mess. Michael was soooooooooooo mad.

He met a woman who showed him pictures of her son dressed just like
him. He thought he was sooooo cute and the mother too. She was a blonde
single mother and he said she talked like she was sleepy all the time.
He invited them to Neverland after the bad tour. And they all had fun
and she and her 9 year old son and his niece Brandy all were in his
room watching cartoons and the kids fell asleep in the lower bed. This
woman was giving him that look and rubbing his leg and touching his
hair. Michael asked her if she wanted to go upstairs so their talking
wouldn't wake the kids.

The lady jumped him (well he says) When they went up stairs and sat on
the bed. She climbed on top of him and he just put his hands behind his
hand and told her "so what are you gonna do?"

Marressa/Ressa in 1989:
He loved her sense of humour

She was in college and he was all lovey dovey with her. And they spent
a lot of time at his apartment for privacy. I know they were having
sex. She was a black and real quiet type. But he liked her a lot, I
don't know what happened. I think he messed up a lot with girls because
he was stubborn and controlling. Like he was on a break and he expected
her to be driving to where he was every chance she got. And he would
act kinda childish at times....

I think it was about 4 months.

I think he liked her at first but didn't really treat her right or like
his girlfriend. I heard she would drive hours to come and spend time
with him and he would be playing with his kid friends and not paying
her much attention.

My friend heard the details about this girl a while ago but said she
thought they met because her father was rich, she thinks he owned
hotels and they met at one of her father's hotels. But she can't
remember exactly.

Some more about this girl in 89...

Randy was calling Michael all kinds of stupid at the time, because he
thought he was losing touch with who he was and playing into fame and
doing what ever he wanted. He was saying the girl would cry and cry to
Michael wanting to know what was the relationship, or where did she
stand. Michael would go weeks without calling and when calling him up
he would brush her off like he was too busy or just tell her to come
down so they can talk in person and then when she would get there from
like 3 hours away he would have 2 or 3 kids already there and a couple
of their moms. And this was mostly when he was staying in the city and
she would be in the bedroom alone while he was running around throwing
water and acting crazy. And then it would be like 2 in the morning and
he would wake her up and try to talk or kiss on her.

When they met she gave him her phone number and he went to her fathers
hotel for dinner with her after the restaurant closed. He thought she
was so cute so he started inviting her to come over to his condo. And
by the third or fourth date they had sex on his living room floor. He
had pre-planned this that he was going to try to take it farther than
kissing. He turned the movie off and cut all the lights (he was very
self conscience about his body and the spotting)

Well he did and he didn't last long because it had been a while since
he'd last had sex and he'd been building himself up, I told you all
about pond... he told his brother Randy that "She was so hot and her
pond was over flowing, it was good."

And as they were laying on the floor with each other he said something
like "I know you're a grown woman and you have your life, and I'm not
trying to tell you how to life your life but you don't have to date
anybody else" So they dated until a few months later and he just up and
stopped calling and not really taking her calls.

He did buy her a ring, but my friend says she thinks that he was just
going through the motions and the ring was only like a couple thousand
which was nothing for him to spend. And this was all in the first or
second month. But she said he did introduce her to Eddie Murphy.

Her name was Ressa, Mar-ressa something like that, she can't really
remember though.

BabyBeMine on Prince.org talking about Mike drinking and getting a "yepyep" (WTF @ that word) in the backseat of his limo:
MJ was a undercover pimp who got his drank on with the right friends.
Just like MJ shows the fans....His FAKE SIDE
But this is not a negative or me putting him down. Its MJ being a man who drinks, gets his buzz on and chases women.

Well, i met and became friends with someone that you all know and MJ as he said....Kept a certain side of him away from his family such as his alcohol side...MJ has gotten drunk and passed out.... Does his nephew and brothers know this....doubt it.....MJ has gotten a yep yep....by a female in the backseet of the limo many times. Meaning they didnt go all the way but Mike was satisfied..i will stop right there.

Iv'e known Jackie for years and he would always say in that soft voice..Michael doesnt drink and instead of telling him stories that i know id sit there and say...oh ok...but knowing the truth

Incog 10th April 2010:
There were girls affiliated with the Jackson five n one would have sex with Marlon n Michael
Other girl took care of Jermaine

The boys drank alcohol in soda cans on the road

MJ liked older girls as much as 9 or 10 years older and tryed to get them to come to his hotel room

MJ would be caught doing stuf wit the girls n they would laugh

MJ used special words to describe sexual stuff

They fixed their clothes and ran laughing. Did not see sex in action. Somtimes there was moaning from bathrooms in hotels.

Cannot give you his special terms for good reasons.

Not prostitutes
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Toya walked in on Mike/Steph
Sources say He liked her and all but they never like went on dates just hung out mainly at the apartment Him and Latoya shared.

Latoya told somebody that it was some heavy petting going on.

Stephanie would stay over and they all would be in the Livingroom laughing and playing games on the nights they didnt go to studio 54.

One night she left them up, so they thought, she wanted to sneak and see what they were doing. Because even though they liked each other Mike was saying they were just friends but Stephanie thought other wise.

So Latoya left them up and she waited like 30 40 mins to sneak back in the Living area and saw them Kissing like really hard and heard Stephanie moaning. The moaning suprised her so she made herself known and rushed over to see his hand in her panties and they both jumped up from the couch and Mike ran into the bathroom smiling and stayed there for like 3 hours.
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Apr 26, 2006
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everytime i look, the active users count gets higher. say "tea" and everyone comes running. lol.

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