Jul 24, 2017
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@TheAdmin Can you please look into my account so I can react to posts (thumbs up, haha, etc.)? I have more than 25 posts. Thanks.
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Jan 6, 2017
That's what I was wondering too. I guess I'll have to get pass the 25 Post part to even have any other privileges to do anything.

I can't believe I've had my account this long, and have not reached 25 posts yet...

anyways I love your profile pic!

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Why do men say they don’t like women who sleep around but yet still have sex and entertain women...
Not just have sex, but have children with and marry them/us. lol. Don't fall for being a nice girl. Most men enjoy "hoes" more than any other kind...
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
Wheres the video? Look at the lady in pink dress. Around 35 seconds into video. Watch her expressions and how she looks at M. That lady is...
Broke boy summer? Chet hanks begging the gworls for money!
What is the point of being around this fool if you don't get no Tom Hanks money out of it ?? Boy if you don't leave these girls alone and go ask...
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YOUTUBER Keesha Anderson - Thread 3
Girl I’m confused lmao. How can she even show her face on YouTube? Your man mama has spoke with Paris and you stillllll living in land! A damn...
RHONY Ugh, I am going to miss Dorinda
Oh, I do love the story that SATC’s Susan Sharon character and her asshole husband were based on Dorinda and her first husband, Ralph Lynch.
Does it look really bad if you find another job, put in your 2wks but don't tell anyone there...
It’s a courtesy to tell where you are going, but you ain’t GOTTA say shit. Especially if you are graciously transitioning out of your current...
Woman Kills Her Baby Daddy, Who Kicked Down Her Door On His Way To Anger Management Class
You can tell he was a bitch by how he was kicking that door. Looked weak as fuck Probably beating her to make his weak ass feel tough now...
Les Twins Tea anyone???
I asked for receipts/evidence @StraightNoChasa has about Laurent not having a harem and his chick being in the US. Why does the MAIN CHICK and to...
A Question for LSA OGs
What was the “Golden Era” of LSA?
"The “90% efficacy rate” of the Pfizer vaccine is based off only...."
If anything goes wrong they gonna get sued tf out so let them release it :LOL: um.. before they released it they plotted with their paid...
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