North Carolina bill requires parents to be notified if a child acts in a way that doesn't conform to their gender

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Jan 27, 2006
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The point is that children can/will be stigmatized with things they may grow out. It is still state wide and still affects people's overall POV on the subject. I know you want to be technical, but just because they aren't technically mandated to report children doesnt mean it cant/wont be used as justification for causing unnecessary trouble in kids lives who may not be girly girls or manly boys, especially in a religious setting. But you knew what I was saying you just wanted to be a smart a-s-s I guess, miss me.
You didn’t read and made something up. Be mad at yourself. Bye!
Jul 25, 2020
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Some scenarios using a hypothetical 3rd grader:
a) Jane wants to be called Jack
b) Jane wants to be called he/him pronouns
c) Jane wants to use the boys’ restroom
d) Jane only wants to use blue crayons
e) Jane doesn’t want to play with dolls, only Tonka Trucks and legos

My interpretation is that a parent would be notified for a-c, not d and e. The language might need more clarity to make this succinct (using biological sex vs gender would help), but I still will not buy into the pro-trans fearmongering that the original tweet is feeding into. It’s a fairly decent bill.

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