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Cynthia G is pregnant by a YouTuber she’s only known for 4 months.
I was hoping this come back up. She messed around and said "my child" and quickly backed up in one of her recent lives. It was the live about...
What Happened to Shawn Michaels???
Here we go...a black woman likes a white man and it's "worship" As the other font told you, Bret was STILL fine when they met and his wife still...
Why do black women have more smoke for Kim kardashian than Kanye?
And before folks come in here telling me “stop expecting folks to cape for Kim”... I don’t care about people caping for her! What I find pathetic...
Pickmeishas setting the bar high. Ladies you need to step it up!
Lmaoooooo. So what’s the plan?? We scrubbing feets or nah???
Question about OfftheWall Era
I was in the UK, so his videos were shown on Music programmes like Top of the Pop. And he was heavily played on radio. OTW was a phenomen...
PJ hanging out with her cousin and new step sister
Baleigh is in the middle. She just looks smaller because of how they’re seated. How old was this child in this video. She was about as...
The Handmaid's Tale | Season 4 Discussion Thread
This season has me heated. I wish I knew there was such a thriving thread on this show here!!
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
https://www.ibtimes.com/meghan-markles-shocking-magic-baby-bump-caught-camera-photos-2752239 Not intended to hit you up alone New Era... But...
New Regimen and MUCH happier hair
Will my wallet ever know peace Edit: Also is anyone using a hard hooded dryer that's ionic that they like? Girl that's me but with skincare...
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