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Queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent accused of ‘selling access to Vladimir Putin’s government’...
So what to do with these useless racists who use their connections in the most pathetic way to make money, whilst the queen pays their joke of a...
My young Sri Lankan husband left me with nothing!
These people have culture and community. They never lose their way. If they marry, its business i.e. the woman's nationality means they get their...
Anything Drake & His Hoes 2020
The Carby Musk (the one that supposedly smells like him) is $80 (I live in the US)... and yes I bought one :cry:cry lol! I'll let you know if...
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MakeupShayla General Discussion Thread
Shayla a bad one, THE FUCK she doing with Les?! When you’re too focused on the idea of a man and not finding a man with substance, you end up...
Phaedra is excited Kenya regrets flirting with Apollo
Are we really pretending that Kenya hasn't apologized for this over and over and over and over? Are we really back there? She’s clearly afraid...
Jesse Jackson calls the UK “the mother of racism”.
If the UK is the "mother of racism" then the US is the 'father of racism'
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Do you bounce back after losing substantial amount of money?
Yes but I suffer from buyers remorse badly. Like I just bought me a car with no car payment and afterwards I started feeling bad and wanted to...
Games that scare the **** out of you?
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Legit couldn't play the game before bed nor in complete dark. The old lady turning into bugs creep me tf out!
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