Rememeber Missy Elliot's Artist 90s R&B Singer Gina Thompson? Here's What Happened To Her.

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East Africans, What do you love about being us?
You missed Tanzania, Djibouti and South Sudan in your list, but yes, East Africans are pretty cool! We have some of the best coffee in the world...
Why Doja Cat get a pass to be a Nicki Minaj clone but Normani doesn't with Bey?
Am i reading right? Are you saying that Doja reminds you of Janet ?? Or did you meant Normani ? Yes a lot, her singing voice, her type of songs...
Movie dance scenes that you thought were killing it when you were young
House party Coming to America You got served. All the dance scenes sure
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MakeupShayla General Discussion Thread
So her mom who lives in LA (right?) didn’t go dress shopping with her etc?
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Meghan Markle unpopular opinions thread pt 2
My suspicion was they wanted to guard against unauthorized photos that would turn up on Messica's instagram. Jessica Mulroney was very amped about...
Strongmommy Chrissy
Where will Chrissy be in 5 or 10 years? I can see that being her future thread title. Her payday is coming.......IMAGINE an entire house full of...
Steve Harvey went all out for his wife Marjorie for Mother's Day, getting her a rack of designer...
Is Lady Heroin gaining COVID weight? Or is it just that horrid outfit? I'm with another poster, Marjorie been looking like she's over it for...
Coli has closed registration so luckily for many of you I share my superior knowledge and intelligence with you. Call it charity thst I am...
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