Rewatching HTGAWM - Can Nate shut up about "My Pops"

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What’s the most pathetic Thing you’ve read/Saw on lipstick alley ?
Font got married to a Latino man and had kids. The mother of the Latino man told the font that she was only talk Spanish to kids and nothing else...
RHOA Winning! Pampered by Porsha Is Now Available In Amazon
Wtf lol ok I've never watched this show a day in my life but I've seen clips on TikTok. Can someome pls tell me why it seems everyone's hates...
A "passable" Transwoman says that straight men dating Transwomen doesn't make them gay
Such a sad day knowing men will always be men no matter how many pills they pop/surgeries they get (or lack thereof). My tots and prairies go out...
Somali king is going where he’s appreciated
Let em have em, lol. Somali dudes are fine but when you search the most handsome ones, you're coming up with a mugshot.
Rihanna's video disturbia was paid for by her and was about to be shelved by LA Reid..
Didn't she basically fund the whole Good Girl Gone Bad Era? I remember reading somewhere that the label didn't want her releasing a lot of stuff...
Teresa Giudice loves Kenya Moore, "I will always have her back"
For the moment yea, but it's not in a good way. Plus her fanbase and popularity are mainly social media driven. Mainstream media recognize Kenya...
My sister's cat gets so much dandruff
My long-haired black cat too. (It’s more noticeable when they have the darker fur.). I started giving her fish oil and it helped. I shave her...
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