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Jul 22, 2019
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i have an appreciation for the photoshopped pictures

post your favourite ones lets show some love for them


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I bought myself a promise ring…
OP, I love that you did that. Several years ago, I bought myself a 24k gold ring as a symbol of my “worth” and role as the ruler of my own...
Coi Leray and her man (?) Pressa being all lovey-dovey
Is that an actual man? Im confused I think they are intersex.
2 Cents and 2 Chains: A Dept of Corrections Love Story!
Does anybody know what her husband was in the clink for?? 30 years?? Yea she a clown. I thought it was murder. Or did we all just decide that...
Have any of you ladies notice a change in your menstrual cycle after getting the vaccine?
I took my first shot in March, and I've had three periods since then. All of them have been late and light.
CDC plans "emergency meeting" on rare heart inflammation following COVID-19 vaccines
The testing going down makes me nervous as it could still very well be spreading a lot, but we won't know. Exactly. Vaccinated ppl are getting...
‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Season 6 Discussion Thread
first comment. I doubt that’s really Cree, but if it is, then I’m not surprised.
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Loose Puthy Peasant Presents: The Queen Naija Story
Lmfaooo my mother is obsessed with that fuckin show, sometimes I watch it with her and feel bad for them but some of them continue to eat and...
Naked Brooklyn mom tosses newborn, 2-year-old out window before jumping herself
I couldn't even finish reading the article, it's so horrific. I hope those babies make it out ok. I had to stop too when I got to the part about...
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