Dare to be Different
Jul 22, 2019
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i have an appreciation for the photoshopped pictures

post your favourite ones lets show some love for them


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2 Cents and 2 Chains: A Dept of Corrections Love Story!
I honestly hope that man be okay because 2cents give me psycho teas. Same. I feel like he’s going from one warden to another.
That time the American Film Institute ranked Katharine Hepburn the #1 greatest female star in...
I'm glad you guys are pointing out that Marilyn, although highly influential, is not that great of an actress. Yeah. She was way too high for me...
Men see woman who have sex with them outside of a relationship as desperate
If you have sex with a man outside of a relationship, hes gonna see you as desperate. Same thing with a man who is in the friend zone. Women see...
Those I Am Not My Ancestor Shirts
Fkng stupid. Yeah, you're not your ancestors. You don't have the strength to endure even HALF of what they've experienced. It's easy to think...
Anything Drake & His Hoes 2020
Not after watching this video our boy is so easy to get I won’t put it past him that he hit that hoodrat before she got married and she couldn’t...
The Henry Cavill Appreciation & (Former) Harem Meet-up Thread (Part 6)
They said that they were MEETING Henry for his birthday. (the kid's not Henry's--who celebrated on 5/5. and then in the one video...they pretty...
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